1 Life is great

the morning is quite noisy and overcast like usual due to the large population and heavy smog that hangs constantly in the air due to severe pollution, although the world has progressed many stages in the last 400 years, living through when it was estimated the world would be unlivable in 2030 it still isnt perfect everywhere and some areas of the world arnt managed near as nicely as the richer cities which have clear skies due to filters that clean the air.

the world doesn't produce things the same as it used to so they don't keep creating more pollution and have found other ways to transport people and objects that doesn't require fuel.

unfortunately it costs a lot to get transport into a city that has all this technology so I can only dream and am stuck watching the advancments online and living with the increasing pollution in the cheaper cities that people are forced to use older technology to get around and produce things.

well for now anyway I will continue with my schooling as I'm only a 16 year old going through grade 10 in high school, maybe in the future I can move to a much grander city.

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