1 Math book trouble

It was an average school day, math was in session, and I was writing down notes, as my teacher asked. When suddenly, the teacher asks us to so her out notes. Uh oh. My notebook was covered in little sketches and stuff. They were bad. It was the type of stuff you see and say," tee hee". My teacher got over to me,and I wouldn't budge. She got very firm with me, saying that I must open my book. Obviously, in great panic I shook my head I'm fear. She then proceeded to try and peel the book away from my fierce grip as the whole class watched and judged me. She kept telling me that I had to hand the book over. No, no I will not, teacher. Then, sadly she took the book since my grip wasn't strong enough. Damn it! But that's not the worst part; she then explained how she will go show the PAGES ON FRONT OF THE WHOLE CLASS!!! AHHH! NO WAY OVER MY DEAD BODY!

It was now lunch, and I had my wits about me. I made a plan, in this plan I decided that I would ask the custodian to go to the bathroom, then sneak into my home room, and tear out the embarrassing contents that was in the book, carefully setting it back onto the teachers desk without a trace. Sadly, I had the stupid idea to tell my best friend not thinking about others overhearing. My arch-nemesis Remi heard. I went to the custodian and everything went as planned ! ...until I came back. Remi had told the custodian. Thanks to my stupidity, I then had to hear a long and boring lecture from my dear custodian. From that day on I never drew in my math notebooks. Only the textbooks ;).

Thanks, anxiety and my bad drawings!

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