5 Self Discipline by

There has never-ever been an undisciplined world champion. Our rewards are always directly

proportional to our efforts. It sometimes takes years of training to develop abilities in the area in

which we would like to achieve success. People say, "That person has such a talent," but they never

look down the road to see how many hours have been spent training. If you want to master the skills

that you have learned in this book, or if you want to master anything, you need self-discipline. Self-

discipline is not self-deprivation. It is about raising your standards and going for and being more.

Many people think that things are going to magically appear in their lives. Think about it… people

want beautiful healthy teeth, but they don't have the self-discipline to floss them.. Is it expensive?

Does it take a lot of time? Is it difficult to do? It is none of these. How can they expect to change any

area of their lives if they can't even bring themselves to do that? So why don't people floss?

I once read an article on CNN.com that stated, "Up to 59% of Glaucoma patients regularly skip their

eye drops, even though untreated glaucoma can lead to blindness." If you have glaucoma you are

going to lose your eyesight if you don't use your drops! Why don't people do it?

People simply don't do it because they think that the future will be a better place than today,

without doing anything to make it better.

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What do you want? What are you doing daily? If your daily actions are not moving you in the

direction of what you want, then you will never get what you want. Common sense, isn't it?

It is not that your goals are physically impossible; it is more that you lack the self-discipline to stick

to them. There are four keys to creating more self-discipline in your life and the first one isYour inner vision and your energy are connected. If you wake up in the morning and focus on all the

bad things that could possibly happen in a day, your energy level will be low. If you wake up and

imagine all the exciting possibilities, and focus on all the great things that you get to do, your energy

level lifts. Where your attention goes, your energy flows.

David Campbell said, "Discipline is remembering what you want." The more reasons you have to

do something the better your inner movie will be, and therefore the more energy you will create to do

it. If your excuses are high and your reasons are low, you will have no discipline to start. If your

reasons are high and your excuses are low, you will have lots of motives, and motives in action

creates motivation. Always ask yourself, "How badly do I want it?" If you really, really want it, you

will create a strong vision and you will have the self-discipline to do it.

All change happens only when you make a true decision to change. When you make a true decision

you will not allow for any other possibility. Make a commitment to yourself that this is the way that

you are going to live your life.

For anything to happen in your life you have to schedule it. Decide to make it part of your routine.

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