2 Introduction

As long as I can remember I never considered these 'gifts' of mine a blessing,why? you ask well let me reveal the story of how I got my so-called 'gifts'.


My footsteps echoed in the now empty hallways,creating a classic scene in any horror movie most would probably be terrified strolling the schools hall at this hour,but I was only focused on completing the task I was given. My name's Jason Larret a dark-skinned teen,with an average build,couple friends here and there and slightly above average grades.

I stumbled slightly as I speedily made my way down the stairs but careful not to drop the stack of books in my hands, unfortunately for me today I was selected to help my science teacher, Ms.Smith clean up after school this very moment, usually I wouldn't be complaining because she was quite the looker but that wasn't the case presently you see my parents are usually very busy with their jobs and very rarely they get time to spend with me and my little sister Sam,so a family day was created and it just so happens it was today. I've never missed a family day so I was a bit anxious and impatient with how far the laboratory was and how fast night approached,so when I finally reached the lab I didn't even consider to knock I just shoved through the doors.

"Ms.Smith here's the last of the....." my mouth went agape at what I saw,my gaze was instantly drawn to what appeared to be lump of brown meat on the floor. But upon closer observation I realized it was Ms Smith,the lab coat beside this now lump of meat was proof enough,I felt both nauseous and dread well within me as I took unsteady steps back towards the door,when my back bumped into something that was clearly not the door I instinctively swung back my arm.

However my arm stopped mid-swing in a bone crushing grip only then did I turn to look at the perpetrator,if I'd known better I wouldn't have because standing directly behind me gripping my right arm was a green-skinned lady,in a skin tight black suite,I struggled to get my arm free but it was of use,I took a deep breath then exhaled calming my nerves then I stared intently at her and my eyes widen as I noticed the resemblance between this green-skinned being and my former brown-skinned teacher.

"What are....?" Before my question was complete she placed her index finger on my lips and smiled,I was mesmerized both by her smile and her unnatural glowing purple eyes,then she uttered softly.


The last thing I remembered was a warm embrace before I was plunged into darkness.


Ms.Smith POV

I sighed as I gently laid Jason on the floor, although I was ordered to do whatever was necessary to ensure the success of my mission harming one of my students was crossing the line even if it was all an act and the position was temporary, I was still a teacher so I was filled with guilt as I stared down at my now unconscious student.

"Is it done?" a stern voice asked from behind me,I did a military salute as I turned to face a gruff looking man, although it was just a holographic projection of him Commander Gorgen still had an aura that demanded respect and carried authority. It was under his orders that I was sent to the least developed and backwater planet in the whole solar system Earth,I didn't have much hope of finding the solution to our problem here but low and behold I actually saw a ray of light,and that light was presently unconscious.

"No sir,I was just about to commence with the procedures," I replied respectfully standing at attention.

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"Hmm....I still find it unbelievable,it's been known to all that the most invaluable planet that sector seven watches over is the Earth,so why as someone with a matching blood type for our newest version of chemical FL shown up here. This is a cause for concern,I want you to carry out an investigation and find out if he's the only case and remember be discreet about this,Earth doesn't have any prohibition towards the other sectors, report your findings and the result of the chemical test back to me once your done then return the next day," I remained silent throughout his briefing taking note of every detail.

"Yes sir!" hearing my confirmation he disappeared I caught a silver ball as it clicked close signaling the ending of the projection.

"Just a little bit longer and I get to go home," I sighed suddenly feeling exhausted and frustrated, directing an apologetic glance at Jason,I then took out a black case similar in size to makeup kit,it opened automatically and inside were three vials two were filled with an orange fiery liquid and the last a white glowing liquid.

I stared blankly at the vial containing the white liquid also known as the new variation of chemical FL,chemical F,usually we wouldn't forcebly test our chemicals on the innocent but we had to make a sacrifice to that rule at this moment, through trial and error we came to a realization that this new chemical only works with those having a specific blood type otherwise taking it could prove fatal. That brings us the scene in front of me,Jason unexpectedly had the blood type we needed this was both a good and bad thing, good as this meant our search would come to an end and bad because this blood type was excidingly rare,so for it to show up on a planet deemed by all worthless was worrisome.

Although sector seven was chemical F creator's,it was a known rule to all the sectors that once something new or valuable was found the gains most be shared equally. Chemical F was by far the strongest variation of chemical FL,even though it hasn't spread that sector seven created it once it does and with the fact that someone on Earth has the blood type to wield the powers given it would be chaos.

Although I hated doing this so forcefully it had to be done so steeling my nerves I took out the vial and walked over to Jason...

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