3 Introduction Two

Jason P.O.V

Unknown to me how long I was passed out for I was awoken by a scorching pain traveling throughout my body ,unable to bare this sudden burst of pain I jolted up screaming and trashed about on the floor trying to lessen the agony I felt,soon I found myself coughing harshly. My head ached and felt as if someone drove a hammer to it,due to this I wasn't able to differentiate what was reality and what wasn't,so chalking up the glowing white coal I just coughed up an illusion I lost consciousness.

I grunted as my eyes slowly opened,I blinked repeatedly when I realized something different about my surroundings everything was lit a fire in a most bizarre and dazzling white flames.

"what the hell?" I spoke both confused and worried about what I was seeing,and what surprised me even more was that although I was surrounded by flames I didn't feel the slightest of heat from them,instead I felt as cozy and at home as can be.

"Good your conscious ,it took you long enough," a calm voice sounded in my head,I was startled as I anxiously looked around my surroundings,but apart from the raging white flames I was alone was I hearing things?

With a loud whoosh the flames suddenly separated opening a path, taken aback I stared intently at the path infront me then I heard it,slow rhythmic footsteps drawing closer and closer. A tense atmosphere was created as the footsteps grew louder,to say I was freaked out would be an understatement I myself was confused as to why I wasn't burning and to discover I wasn't alone who would be calm in this situation. As my breathing became more and more unsteady due to the uncertainty and worry I felt,the perpetrator that caused all these feelings finally came into few.

My eyes widen in both shock and disbelief 'what the....?!' Presently standing infront me was a youth that bore a disturbingly similar appearance to me,only he was cloaked in a elegant white robe and he seemed to be made completely out of the same white flames that surrounded us.

"Welcome to my domain,"I was flabbergasted not only did he have my appearance but he sounded like me too,it took a minute for me to register what the other me said.

"W-what do you mean?What is this place?"I stuttered calming down slightly,I was still confused so seeking answers I asked.

"It's as I said this is my domain,more specifically the fire elemental's domain," he answered,there was a look of pride on his face as he spoke these words,he must've thought that would explain everything but I still had a confused and worried expression etched on my face.

Seeing this he sighed in disappointment:"Okay seeing as your still confused,let me enlighten you,my name's Blazour the rarest of the fire elemental's race,you may of figured from your encounter with your teacher that you humans aren't the only beings to live outside of earth,right?" listening and waiting patiently for him to continue I hesitantly nod remembering the sight of the green-skinned woman who once was my teacher.

"Good,now let me explain your situation but I do advise I don't know much as I've only just awakened. Unknown to you and the rest of the population on this planet,five years ago a ferocious and bloodthirsty war was waged with this war,stars were destroyed,planets were invaded and innocent lifes massacred. This war was without logic or reason and it involved races from different planets far and wide," he paused letting me process what I just heard,I didn't know what to think or how to react,this entire situation was way beyond me.

Some time passed before I was able to speak steadily after hearing this:"this is impossible right? It has to be right!?"

Blazour seeing the state of doubt I was in,sighed taking it as me never just believing in his words he then clapped his hands and it was like an explosive went off,taking everything in this space with it the mesmerizing white flames vanished and was replaced with complete darkness. Blazour was the only source of light in this darkness,my eyes wandered the new surroundings.

Before I had the chance to say anything the darkness was suddenly flooded with countless swirling twinkles of light,and staring at those light my eyes widen at the conclusion I came to. I was in the milky way galaxy, it's beauty was undescribable neither books nor documentary could possibly capture it perfectly,as I found myself captivated by this scene.

My heart suddenly skipped a beat.

'Impossible!' this thought screamed,I saw thousands upon thousands of gargantuan size space crafts sailing across the galaxy.This scene was like straight out of Sci-Fi movie,I couldn't even begin to comprehend what I was seeing,there was a sudden sharp whistle and a flash of bright light and with that came an explosion,my eyes widen a fraction when one of the seemingly indestructible ships exploded producing a devastating shockwave the rocked the rest of the fleet.

My eyes drifted to the opposite side of the incoming space crafts and spotted an even more intimidating fleet of ships,the white and red slick design that coated each craft exterior. The ship in lead had flag with what liked ten galaxy, before I asked as if knowing my thoughts Blazour answered.

"That's the united force of the ten sectors,they're the ones who brought order to the cosmos,of course with a little help from us.Now as to where you come in,it's a known fact that every formidable force needs a method to keep it's hold on the reigns,and what better method is there as to creating a set of elite soldiers powered by the elements..... Of course this was would normally be impossible but you have to give it to sector seven for adaptability and genius, because they did just that,"

"So I'm a soldier now?" I muttered in disbelief head hung low,I didn't know what to feel or think,I had finally accepted the situation I was while in this depressed state I suddenly felt a heat build up within me and with it a burning rage,I let out and an animalistic shout as my vision was consumed by white flames.....

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