Texan In Another WorldTexan In Another World

Texan In Another World

by Oomtown

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The First Cannabis Themed Isekai. One night, a bright and strange light swallows a Chevy Pickup Truck as its moving Contraband from Colorado across the Border. It had been dragged into another World. Mike quickly found himself surrounded by trees, his Truck was in a Forest. With no phone and no road, he heads east into the unknown. CONTAINS: Harem, Cannabis Cultivation, Politics, and Charm THIS BOOK ALSO CONTAINS ZERO DRUG USE "If you can't grow it, Its still illegal" WARNING: THIS NOVEL IS NOT FOR UNDERAGE OR OTHERWISE SUSCEPTIBLE VIEWERS. TAKE TAGS SERIOUSLY; #cannabis #nsfw #Isekai #politics #Law #Romance #furry #Harem #Comedy #cultureshock #music #Harem #horticulture #Politics #Anthropomorphic

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