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Read ‘tester23’ Online for Free, written by the author happinezz001, This book is a Fantasy Novel, covering Fiction, Light Novel, Internet Novel, and the synopsis is:


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If you are reading this, the virus has now entered your phone, you have five seconds until it spreads to every part of your being. You have been warned. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Time's up! * * * It all started when Ruby let down her guards. She let an enemy into her house. Beryl was the sister to her husband's friend. That's how the got to know each other. So like new friends, Beryl began visiting Ruby oftenly. And she would cook and spend time with her. So one night, her husband Peter went out to buy weed. It was nothing unusual for Ruby since he did that often. He came back a few hours later and claimed he met some of his friends and they hang out for a few hours as they smoked. They had sex a couple of times and slept. Fast forward to a few weeks later. Ruby discovered something and took her friend Beryl's phone. Guess what she found in the trash can? Pictures of her husband and her backstabbing friend completely naked, posing in all the styles they could master. Some even had them stick their tongues out and middle finger pointing at the camera. She had deleted them but she clearly doesn't know how to get rid of evidence. Ruby was pissed. She had always known her husband was cheating but since she never had any evidence, she was always dismissed. When she looked at the date on the pictures, her heart broke. She remembered the day so well, it was the day he lied about getting weed, seems like the weed was Beryl. She locked the door and threw the keys behind the sofa. She asked her friend about it and obviously, she lied. She showed her the pictures and suddenly, Beryl couldn't speak anymore, she had gone dumb! Ruby beat the living daylights out of her. Neighbours got wind of what was going on due to the screams and called Beryl's mom to go save her daughter. Her mom arrived and pleaded with Ruby to open the door but she didn't. She beat some sense into the girl some more before agreeing to open the door since plans to break it down.

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This is no normal rejection story…this is the story of a woman who has been so traumatised by her family that she rejects THEM and then leaves to try and build a life for herself while dealing with the backlash of trauma and also trying to build a romantic relationship in the midst of it. But can she do it? Can she overcome her fears, self doubt and inner demon? Or will the darkness inside her win and take over what little light is left in her world? Join Ava in her journey of self discovery and rage fueled hatred of those who have hurt her. Having lived the past 20 years in the shadow of the painful memories of her life with her family, Ava has finally broken free from her shackles and is setting out to find a new existence for herself. She is hoping to see the real world and meet real people after finding out just how messed up her family is and perhaps she can begin to find out just who she is and perhaps find a way to deal with all of this anger she has inside. David is a hard ass when it comes to dealing with the kids that come through his dojo but he is completely frazzled when he meets Ava for the first time. They clash yet attract each other and he can’t help but want to help her as she adjusts to life on her own, gaining her independence and dealing with her traumas. But there is only so much he can do when he has his own issues as well and when they clash with hers, it just fuels her fire. How will this pair of dynamo’s end up? Will it be an epic love story for the ages or a tear jerking tragedy? Cover pic is by Forlorn by Elenteri from Deviantart all credits go to them for it, its definitely not my work.

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