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Test 65


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(Continuation of the story here.) https://ringdomstory.com/novel/7lJq1km%2BfwSzCK9xQ6%2FMCA%3D%3D-Test-65.html The Country of Uzkuzami has lost it's military base A-12 and they also lost there best soldiers there. Two cute little robot girls were hacked by the opposing side of Uzkuzami and used them to take over the base, since they're both the strongest weapons in the army. After 12 years. The War between Uzkuzami and the world stopped. The A-12 Base was returned to them, but they did not return their strongest two little robots which made them mad. So after the war, the country decides to plan another robot, but this time more better so it can't be hacked and it won't fall easily to viruses. They decided to name this project. Test 65, or simply Lixie Rive. They're not good with names... This is the first time they have given a robot an actual name instead of calling their projects all together by test and a series of numbers. They start working on this new robot that will help them and possibly find the ones that took their previous ones and they do hope this one does not wake up. But little did they know, things will start to break free from this robot, and they won't be able to see it as clear. but for now... Lixie... will now be made and be tested...


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