Tesla: Arkans and wilts Book

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Tesla: Arkans and wilts


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This story will revolves around a group of not so ordinary teens and because of their unique selves they encounter things unknown to the entire humanity... They thought they know everything but their only staring at the entrance of a bigger adventure... They're chosen, once they take a step in there's no way of going back... Welcome to the 1st book of the Tesla series, this book will be an introduction to a whole new world, I wish you can be with me the whole exploration of the Tesla's world... Disclaimer: Any names except for some, places, and events that resembles or similar to any existing thing in the real life is a coincidence... Also you might encounter a lot of grammatical errors and typos, please bear in mind somebody who is not a native English speaker is writing this, don't expect much of my English but I'm gonna do my best to make the story interesting so that you'll forget about the technical mistakes in the story... Warning: Don't copy or reproduce in any way my story, PLAGIARISM is a crime...I might not chase you if you plagiarised this but lawsuits will Any way enjoy?♥️