8 walking dead 8

It has been a month since I started the training regime and it worked wonders for me. I lost all the stubborn fat that I had been trying to lose for a while, my muscles became more defined and I felt that I could complete a marathon.

During the past month; I have been training nonstop; 24 hours 7 days a week, that's all I have been doing. I won't lie, I was tempted to stop on more than one occasion and just give up but the hair-raising screams and screeches that reached me from outside was motivating as hell.

But all good things comes to an end (Read as: sarcasm); my food supply was running out. I only have enough to last me another week, I had plenty of water but not for long, the initial supply could have lasted me 3 months but with the rigorous training I have undergone it dropped drastically.

For food I enjoyed an all you can eat cans buffet (yeah, what did you expect, fresh food!). Nah, I only had a lot of preservable cans filled with beans and dried fruits which made my taste buds scream but I endured.

'Let's get serious; today I should scout the area, clear the hotel and then see what can be done afterwards. I don't know if that group of idiots are still inside or if they are already gone maybe even dead but I am clearing the fu-ck-ing hotel', I promised myself.

I got a lot stronger in this short month so I was itching to try out this new strength of mine. My confidence diminished my fear of the undead. I equipped my trusty axe and climbed some crates to check out the zombies around the building.

'It really helps that there are so many windows in this storage facility', I smirked.

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There were around a dozen or more zombies surrounding me (I counted 15!). They outnumber me but I can still take them on with hit and run tactics. From my observations, it seems that the zombies got weaker day by day and a month; is a lot. Perhaps the lack of food sapped their energy or something.

Now I understand why in the tv show all of these zombies were so slow and weak, it seems that the difference compared to the show is that their degeneration is slower and that's it. Eventually the zombies would fall into the same state as the ones in the show but I couldn't stay still anymore.

So without further delay I headed towards the back entrance where there are only 4 zombies. I opened the entrance and cleaved the first head I saw and then kicked the zombie in the stomach to get the axe free. (I saw it in the show but damn they do get stuck!)

The force pushed the zombie back strong enough to hit the other zombies and make them fall to the ground. The shaky legs and the lack of a brain can do that to you. As they scurried to get up, I stomped on their heads hard. I only needed two three stomps to cave their skulks in, but had to back off as the last one almost grabbed my leg. They may look weak but they could easily pull me down and bite me. One bite and then it's game over for me.

The last one had one hand trapped under the others bodies so I stood on his free hand and stomped on his head and that's it. That's how you kill 4 zombies folks.

'Honestly I didn't think it would be this easy and as I could clearly see now the zombies seemed a little too skinny so my theory about slow degeneration was spot on even though decay is a more appropriate term.'

I moved to the corner only to be greeted by more rotting bastards.

"May GOD bless me?"

The zombies were still as fast as an ordinary guy walking so I rushed to the first one and chopped his head off.

'Unfortunately no blood spray; it would've made a great cinematic effect… hehe.'

I killed the others one by one and for each body added on the floor was an obstacle to the zombies coming from behind. So it was quite easy to finish them off when they tripped on their comrades. After finishing up the remaining zombies, I set my eyes on the hotel building in all its glory.


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