2 walking dead 2

so after accepting the fact that i will probably die in one of the missions that are to come, i suddenly feel my hand that was still on the barrier touch the door and jack that for some reason was still by me remarked that as well and he notified the others

and soon there was a commotion so i did what was right and got away from the door cause unlike the others that are still skeptic i knew that this was real if there was something on the other side of the door, i better not be the first to bear the damage

and just as i thought some idiot who think this is some farce or kidnapping moved to the door and opened it, but luckily nothing happened and no zombie was on the other side of the door

but just as i feared, the idiots started shouting the usual hello! is anybody there! bullshi-t, i wanted to stop them from doing that but thank god jack beat me up to it and stopped, he seems to be the leader type and the others listened to him, definitely has something to do with he charisma and well built body

but i knew it was all too late there was sure to be something out there that heard them, probably zombies or wooorse!...men

you may think that zombies are the biggest threat one would face in a chaotic world, but humans are far more superior in that field, with no laws to govern them, warlords and such type of people could be found anywhere

so before it is too late i volunteered to check out the place and went on my way without waiting for their reply

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but as i made a turn suddenly...no it was not a Zombie or a thug it was fu-ckin jack he catched up to me quickly and stopped me saying

"where are you going ? are you crazy !? we don't know whats out here, we should stick together, in unity there is power, remember?"

i don't know what to say but is this guy an idiot, i first thought he was smart and able to figure thing out, oh and he seems to figure out the way i was watching him and told me somberly

"whats with that look?" well at least he still have some brain left, oh! he figured out my new look

"you bastard"

"hehe, thanks for the complement"

"whatever, i can see from your behavior that you figured something out"

"use your head a little man, a forcefield + a mission called walking dead, the least is to have a little doubt to the reality of the situation, and with all the noise that i am still hearing from this far their got to be someone or something that heard them too, excuse me but no i don't want to die here"

as i finished i turned to go my way but the persistent bastard still tried to stop me, key word *tried*, just as he put his hand on my shoulder, i shoulder threw him and had him in a head lock with my legs and an arm lock with my hands

"next time you try the same sh-it with me, your dead" just to emphasize my claim i raised his arm just enough to not break it, and i got to give it to him, the guys tough, he didn't scream like a bitch but only growled through the pain with cold sweat

i may seem like a badass from what i just did and say, but in fact i am just an amateur mma practitioner and it was just that i took him by surprise, in a real fight i would have had a hard time going against even another amateur in any fighting style

anyway, i held him for a few seconds and let him off before i headed to the fire escape nearby, the door was the type that had a handle lock, you need to raise the handle for it to open

the first thing that came to me after i locked the door behind me is that this is a hotel, in the carpeted hall way, there was a bunch of doors with card readers plus the logo on the walls, and from the length of these stairs, it is a high raised building

i am not certain of how long the apocalypse happened, time to look for a safe place to think things over

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