1 walking dead 1

today, was just a normal day for me, the uni entrance is fast approaching, i am a 3rd year and instead of revising I'm wasting my time reading novel or watching funny videos on youtube, and at this moment i am lazing around playing farcry 5

i have been playing the game for 2 hours now and i am tired of it, so i close the game and click my browser, and as i wanted to watch another episode of rookie blue, an advertisement came up on one of the platforms

"Want to know the meaning of life? Want to live… a real life?"

i thought it was funny cause, isn't it the pop up that appeared on that novel terror infinity, the person that made got nothing to do for sure hehe

"wtf?" the fuck, this add blocked my screen, i tried all the tricks to remove it and it didn't work, and as i didn't want to restart the computer i decided to humor the add and respond to it so i clicked


but as soon as i wanted to click the option changed to yes and i clicked yes, the fucker tricked me and before i had the time to lunch a bunch of insults i lost consciousness

and the next time i woke up, i was on dirty floor with a bunch of people, so i did what most normal people do in these situation i panicked but regained my calm, if novels and movies teach you one thing, it is to remain calm and think when in a unknown situation

and as i was looking over the other they had this grim look upon their face, some were even crying, so i could only conclude that we are on the same boat, and as one of them saw me waking up he came to me and said

"hello,my name's jack"


"this may sound strange, but do you remember how you got here"

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"no, can't remember, it's like a blank"

"so your like the rest of us, we also just woke up in this room, without any clue, but as we discussed we found out that the last thing we remember is answering some pop up that says Want to know the meaning of life? Want to live… a real life?, everyone chose yes and then they blacked out and woke up here with this watch around their wrist"

oh now that he mentions it, that terror infinity survey pop up, the fucker tricked me, and now i am here, so the only thing i can think of is that either terror infinity is real, i was transported to terror infinity world, or the most logical some hard core psychopath fan of the novel wanted to replicate it

and the only thing to do now is to wait and see what happens, and that's when i notice that i was lost in my thoughts and that the guy was still staring at me

"ahh! sorry it just came back to me, but who would take us from our homes and lock us in this room

also does the watch work, mine isn't, and did you try getting out of here"

"man slow down, the watches aren't working, and we tried breaking out but there seems to be some force field protecting the issues and as crazy as it seems"

i was skeptic so i moved to the door and there was this almost invisible barrier isolating it from us, i touch it just to make sure and the shi-ts real, so that rules out the third option,

just great, now i am in a place where i will most likely die and suddenly there was a vibration form my wrist and as i look at the watch it was on and displaying

God's Mission

The Walking Dead, 9 Man Mission

Non Story Plot.

Main Quest: 1000 Points.

Objective. escape the city

Side Quest: Bonus Points.

1. Kill Zombies - 1 Point = 1 Zombie.

2. Orientation - The first player to explain to the New Players the inner workings of Missions, Exchanges and how to return home. 100 Points.

Penalties: Negative Points/Death.

1.New Players - Negative 1000 points for killing a New Player.

2. Spoiler - Negative 10 points per Sentence.

3. D-ZERO - Any player with 0 or negative points at the end of a mission after all calculations are finished, will be killed, no exception.

Total Score: Pending.

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