terror infinity : semi-solo play
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terror infinity : semi-solo play


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What is terror infinity : semi-solo play

terror infinity : semi-solo play is a popular fanfic written by the author SPECTRALE, covering others genres. It's viewed by 165.8K readers . The novel is being serialized to 15 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


“Want to know the meaning of life? Want to live… a real life?” yeah that't how it started, in the begining i thought that it was just a joke, i mean i liked the novel even thought i stopped it around volume 20, but this is how i was adultnapped into that strange world. A.N: hey guys, i am a fan of TI and it's fan-fics, but the mc was always a good guy and it centers around teamwork a lot which irked me to no end, but i still read through them and drop them at the point where the goodness becomes too much for me, and then i thought well fuck it let's just make one fanfic of my own, the mc will be a selfish bastard, teamwork will still remain cause the original story is like that, the only cheat he has is his knowledge of that world but that's not that much of a cheat anyway so i will give him the choice, at the end of each mission he is given three random worlds to choose from for his next mission and the bastard he is will not tell the others

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I noticed that you talk often down to many authors, so I decided to check out what exactly you were benchmarking their writing against. If this is what you consider “quality”, then every author you ever reviewed should receive an apology. Your grammar is abysmal, so I dropped your book after the first few paragraphs. Learn the fundamentals writing before you post stuff. Hope you improve so I can potentially change this review.


i like the reviews and comments bad or good, they are still feedback from readers, thank you all lovers and haters, especially lovers ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////


Its a good start, a lot of potential. I hope you keep going. Most of the fanfic I've read goes with the team play, I 've been waiting for the solo guy who will dominate the realm. Good work😄😄😄


Y,know one of the first novels I was addicted to was terror infinity. I remember reading it on a flip phone waiting for updates. I just feel the devil team version is about a trillion times cooler. His personality is something to be respected. The normal version is too chill and trusting. Also he revived all the idiots.


Hahahaha finally someone with eyes that can see, hahahaha you have no idea how much such trash story pissed me off, due to being wasted by trash characters damn such story needs real assholes who only think about themselves.


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