1 Termite king

Long age there was a termite , but not just any other termite this one has higher level of intelligence .By it's intelligence it easily climb up the rank and become the termite king .But my friend this is not the end of this story rather this is the beginning .The termite king's colony was in deep in the forest .One day termite king senses large number of footstep near the colony , like many soldiers are marching through the forest. The termite king sent his minion out to inspect what's going on .After some time termite king got the report and it says "The most powerful king of that time is going to war with his great army and they are demolishing everything on their way". Hearing that termite king issued an order to empty the colony and move out from the way of the soldiers .But it was good decision that saved many lives of termite. God watched the whole things and became pleased because termite king used his intelligence in good cause, on the other hand if there was other termite king who are not as intelligent as this one the termite colony would have demolished .God decided to give reward to the termite king . Some day after termite king died case of old age .God gives the termite king it's reward and it is the second chance to live but this time not as a termite but as a human.

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