1 The Beginning

Isabella start her morning with a hug. She hugs her teddy bear tightly and wish it good morning. The name of her teddy bear is Rascel. Kind of weird name, right? But she loves doing weird stuffs. Isabella is a sweet, beautiful, charming, humble, honest, stubborn and a little naughty. All these things fill her character and makes her gracious as if one goes missing it will change her character totally.

Isabella is the only child of her parents. Her parents love her so much and cares for her also Isabella loves her unconditionally. She is only 8 years old now but she is the owner of many awards. She gets awards for her writings! Yeah, this may surprise you! But she writes very well though she is only 8. She also gets prizes for her drawings and recitations. She is a topper in her class and many students envy her.

Her life seems so easy going, right? But her life is not so smooth. She has no friends, her parents are busy so she has to stay in home all alone all day. It is true that her parents love her and care for her but they can not give her enough time. She can spend time with them only at the dinner time and in the vacations, vacations that they hardly get.

In these case, Rascel is her only friend. She can share everything with it. Rascel can not judge her, can not correct her, can not scold her, it can only listen. Deep down Isabella wants to spend her time with a real friend with whom she can talk and can share everything.

They lives in a small town name Arcia which is in Georgia. Today is a holiday and she is happy about that because she can spend her time with her parents