1 All the Best People

The lights were faking the moment.

I am looking at you and with full serenity you sleep so dearly. I want to scream, release everything out of my lungs but my voice stowaway somewhere i know nothing about, it escaped from me again. If only I could escaped from this body as well, get out of my skin, stay away from my senses and go back to where we started.

I wish I can invent a time machine…

I wish I can find forever…

In life, we tend to come into different levels of realizations, different moments with different intensities that puts too much irony and metaphor in our lives making it vague to realize. And on my part, I have so many unclear realizations, I have thousands of intense moments and billions of ironic and metaphorical situations that you'd think my life's author, if there's any, typed it in an ALL CAPS and BOLD STYLE manner. Intense. I am all smiles when it come to things. I keep calm and take situations easy. Never knowing that it's bad for me. Never knowing that it can change me.

Three days after my eighteenth birthday. I lost a friend, well not just a friend, a super-ultra-mega-true-friend, her name's Jane, we have so many memories together. Awww, memories, to think that there are now just memories is heartbreaking. However, as they say when moments turn into memories they become treasures. Jane died of blood cancer, leukemia to be exact. I never thought she'll leave us but she just did. And to sum up everything, it's like the whole world cheated on you, everybody can relate to this, each one of us lost someone and hell, if only in life we have self-destruct buttons, I will hit them all the moment she bid me goodbye.

"Kuya, ate is the best person in the whole universe, why does she need to die?" Michael said to me, Jane's brother.

(AN: Kuya is a Filipino for big or older brother while Ate means an older sister.)

Intense, I don't know what to say, how do you answer questions like that? But then I told him, "whenever you are in a garden baby what flowers will you usually pick for your room's vase?"

"Of course, the pretty ones, all the best ones!" He answered then I smiled at him.

"Good people die young," I replied.

"No Kuya, you're wrong, the best people do," he replied, ughh why does he have to be so cute?

"Do not worry if some people who are big part of your, let us say, uhhhmazing life just go and disappear, it's just that God needs them to be with Him for some special reasons, He needs best people in heaven." I said to him.

"I don't want her to be the best anymore!" he replied with a pout.

Life has so many things to offer but it never guarantees you happiness. Sometimes it cheats and sometimes it gives it's side on you. So you get to have chances as well as choices, but for some reason whether with a gleaming rainbow or not, whatever the result may be you might just have to accept it. It's funny, I guess for one to find forever we might just have to find those best people.

I've been so dramatic that I forgot to do what most characters do in a story, like stars, they introduced themselves. By the way with lights and nerve malfunctions I am Win short for Sherwin, my name is totally way 1880 but that's what my mom wants it to be though, she said when I was born it was a sure win for them haha. They felt like they've champion the Olympics.

So, nice to meet you and here is my story filled with best people, possibilities, ironies, metaphors and high levels of life- sucking, falling, pushing, flying, running and even everything, all at once.

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