18 The Beautiful Silver Lioness

Sein's body was twitching a little on top of the bed before his eyes slowly opened up. He could feel the pain running across his entire body from the slightest movement. The bandages were covering half of his face before with utmost effort he sat down.

The sun had already gone as millions of its children ordained the dark sky. The wind was breezing freely from the outside. The wave was crashing to fill the empty night as the moon watch over the earth.

Behind the bandages, his lips curved upward as he recalled how he passed out.

"That Mad God sure is shameless," muttered Sein while shaking his head.



He writhed in pain before rubbing his neck softly. With his figure wobbling around, he opened the door before the cold breeze immediately seeped into his skin. His teeth immediately clattered as he hugged himself. After a few steps outside his eyes opened wide as he saw a figure standing in front of the statue.

Her short silver hair was fluttering and glimmering as if it reflected the light from the starry sky. Her skin looked smooth as a porcelain doll and her face was chiseled like a piece of art. Her eyes were half-opened and he could see they were the color of amber flecked with black. She had a slender yet athletic figure and the muscles on her arms were refined and firm.

Sein couldn't help but gulp his saliva, though it pained its muscle to do so. His feet were shaking as he was about to approach the woman who was only wearing a short tank top with baggy pants.


The woman noticed something before turning around to face him. The mature aura she exuded was undeniably deadly to youngsters like him.

Sein noticed a scar on her right cheek but still, it didn't even slightly reduce the beauty the woman in front of him had. However, the dangling dagger earrings on her made him furrowed his eyebrows since the color was black. Sein didn't manage to have time to study what group this place was and what does the meaning of the color meant, but judging by the color Mad God had and the three of his followers he could guess the rank system.

(It would be, bronze, silver, gold, I don't know beyond that, maybe it's platinum? But this woman).

"Oi, Mad God, your kid is approaching that demonic woman, Silver Lioness."

"Hahaha, I sure pick a good one this time."

"Are you mad?! She might kill him if he offended her!"

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"That's my name, besides, if things went south, you and I will step in."

"Gah, I will only agree because that kid is truly talented."

The two men were watching from the sidelines with their bodies having bruises, wounds, and dry blood.

Sein tried to keep his beating heart under control as he wobbled and approached the statue. Under her sharp look, he stood against the statue before clasping his hands together. The gentle wind fluttered his hair as the peaceful atmosphere settled in.

(Oh crap what do I do now! Let's try and took a peek, no no, that would be suicide! But but! The prize!).

He slightly opened his right eye before peaking at her cleavage on top of the tank top she wore. (Beautiful!!) thought Sein as he squinted his eyes. (Let's try again, eh).

His peeking right eye was met with her amber eyes staring deeply into his. His pupil was slowly shrunken as his figure turned rigid. His body was drenched with cold sweat as if the grim reaper put a scythe blade across his neck.

Yet, despite all that, the shrunken pupil slowly moved downward. (Beautiful! God save me!!).

"Who are you?"

(Eh? I didn't get hit?) he slowly opened his eyes before answering, "My name is Sein, I think I'm about to be fifteen this year, I'm single."

"I see, just a stupid kid."

She suddenly turned around before walking away, only to halt for a second and glanced back, "But you're interesting."

Sein was smitten by the arrogant smile she gave out as if the pain running across his entire body meant nothing.

"C-Can we meet again?"

She halted her steps once more before replying without even glancing at him, "Hahaha, this is the first time I heard someone wants to meet me for a second time. Well, if you get stronger, we might meet again, kid."

Her figure slowly vanished into the night as she left him standing there like a fool.

"Oh, I know that look, Mad God, your kid is falling in love with the most dangerous woman ever existed."

"Hahaha, I expect nothing else. That kid has not disappointed me at all."

"Considering your madness and his personality, why am I not surprised."

Sein who was standing alone in the night had his heartbeat raced once again before he felt the pain on his body and crouched down. He dragged himself to his room before sleeping on the bed and twitching like a worm with his grunting.

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