1 Prologue

Darkness consumes the abandoned room. The windows of the warehouse are all shut tight. 

Only source of light coming in from the window are the rays of the moonlight. The sound of the crickets is evident as the thunderstorm echoes from the outside. 

The rain pours down heavily, and the lightning cracks. The cries of the victim are dying down. Their voices are now hoarse because of too much howling. 

The killer's accomplices block the doors, trapping the victims inside the room. They are all wearing the same signature black hoodie. They have masks earlier, but taken off, revealing their cruel faces. 

The silhouette of the killer stands still, glaring at his victim. A killer aims the gun at the first victim's forehead. The others are lying on the floor, battered and beaten. They have no strength left to move. 

"You betrayed me. You are better off killed by my own hands," the killer hisses while crouching down on the floor. He steps through the fresh drips of blood on the ground as he holds on to the victim's face. 

"Don't kill me. We are best friends, right?" The first victim pleads, looking straight towards the killer's eyes that signify loathing. The victim's in despair to save his life. 

"I trusted you!" The killer yells at the victim's face, a gun is shaking in his hands and he can't hold it still. The veins in his neck are throbbing in vain. 

"But you destroyed my whole life!"

"Please... don't-don't do this," the victim stutters, staring straight into the eyes of the killer. The killer's outrageous eyes were terrifying. He despises the victim as the person is sitting right in front of him. The killer shoots the victim's forehead as the thunder booms outside.

A pool of blood flows out of the victim's lifeless body. The killer laughs as silent tears drip down his cheeks. 

"You are better off as a corpse. You are a betrayer."

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