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Read Temptation Chronicles novel written by the author Benny_Manatee on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Magical Realism stories, covering action, adventure, comedy, antihero, highiq. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


You know you want it. Come on, click on it. Give in to [Temptation]. Born into a family of heroes, Dan Atys, son of some of the top heroes of the world, was an absolute [Low Tier] loser. Getting bullied was his bread day in and out. What do you think happens to someone like that? I mean, he was raised by heroes, groomed to be one. You'd think he'd turn into one as well, right? Turns out, Dan thought not. The abuse has messed with his mind, and even his powers didn't seem to affect the people who blindly follow principles. His power, [Temptation] , is a superpower that affects the mind of the afflicted. The only condition that is needed to be fulfilled, is that Dan wills it so. Up to this point tho, he thought it's a charm effect, that has a positive effect on those surrounding him. This usually worked this way, but for some reason, ever since he enrolled into the prestigious School of Herocraft, Heracleon, named after the first superhero in history, his powers didn't seem to affect anyone. No one wanted to be friends with him, and all the affection he had from others, was through extreme abuse. They wouldn't just beat him up, they would torture him both physically, and mentally. So much for those "heroes." After realising his true potential, the ability to manipulate just about anyone in the world, he thought it would be natural for him, to "stray" from the path of "heroes."  WPC #194 Silver Prize Cover Design: @kincesco (Instagram)


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Author supporting his work, as you do. This is an updated version, I'm deleting the previous one. I promise a quite action filled series, with a lot of schemes, some politics, and a healthy dose of revenge, to top it off. I like my plot-twists, so expect them (or actually don't, that'd spoil them ;) ) I managed to win Silver Prize for WPC #194 (I actually started writing this for that). This will be updated daily, entirely based on YOUR support ;) Finally Volume 1 - The Rise of Temptation, has finally been completed, and with that, Volume 2 is starting! Thanky you so much for your support up until now, and I'm hoping that you'll continue doing so from now on as well! :D Have fun reading, B. Manatee


Don't stop writing, you can do it. Don't stop expressing, or you'll dull the skill. Don't stop improving, writer fever makes us ill. Don't stop having fun, story must be told and seen.


very little of the book has been uplaoded and it is very interesting tbh. I didnt expect it to be this honest but the name of the book was very intriguing and I would definitely read more!


Wow, the synopsis is really interesting. The story has a lot of potential and judging from the first few chapters, I can tell that it's going to be a long and interesting ride .Keep up the good work [img=recommend]


The kind of MC who always got bullied whenever he went, even his parents as well, barely had any friend in school, and always thought himself as a useless being for being born with such a lowly power... compared to others who shot flame, blizzard, thunder and poison from their hands... his Charm wouldn't do much but to max the charisma point in the S.P.E.C.I.A.L points. Or is that so? Anyway, did you noticed that I use mostly past tense for the paragraph above? Well, I wouldn't like to spoil you more, because the satisfaction when the MC finally able to [REDACTED] those bullies... well, you wouldn't be that satisfied knowing [REDACTED]. Definitely worth to read and watch the MC do tons of [REDACTED] with his true power. Then, about the writing... it's clear and vivid, less ambiguous, telling the surrounding and what the character think and do, especially with the first person perspective, making it more easy to follow and understand of what happened. Then there's the dialogue. The dialogue is clearly the strongest point of this stort. Every dialogue sound different to each character---that sense from the annoying brads, the archetype of scaredy-cat persons, etc---giving them rich timbre (or tone color in musical term for rich-sounding music or dialogues in this case). The plot, I have nothing to say anymore as you must read it for yourself to get that sense of "take that, b****!"-ish. About pacing, well I think it's a bit rushing (at least in my standard) in the beginning of chapter when the MC had yet to found his true nature. Hoping to see his past being told as a miserable human, just to see him "return the favour" later on. Well no matter, the story development itself already alright, and I truly enjoy reading it. About grammar, no comment on that, since I'm not native speaker, and you seemed did a better job than me. With that being said, I guess that's all... Lastly but not least, I'd like to thank to the Author who keeps updating and writing this good story for us. Thank you... ^^ Keep on writing~


If you keep reading, the story will continue to be interesting that cannot be understood in one or two chapters, the ahead you read, the more interesting the story will be. In many places, I found unnecessary capitalization, along with many spelling mistakes that I pointed out. But your dialogue is good. Even in many places, you have chosen the word very well. I had fun reading, keep it up.


The synopsis actually hooked me in. I don't regret reading this and I would highly recommend it! This plot is promising and has a lot of potential. This is added to library! Can't wait for more...


Ahh poor MC! I felt bad for him... He was just trying to protect his... um... ahem! And this writing style is so nice the novel is also fun to read. good work author!


I have read several chapters of it so far and I liked it as not to lie, the first chapter was very boring for me, but after reaching the second chapter, I found that the events became better and more interesting As for the character of the hero, I feel that his acceptance of the idea that he was a murderer was rather quick but still acceptable.. In short, the novel is nice and you may enjoy it when you have free time (note: i fell in love with the old man)


Wow! Overall, it's an engaging story so far. Such an amazing and great novel of yours Author. I can't deny the fact that this one is interesting and at the same time a refreshing story for readers. Keep writing, Author.


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