8 Soaring Heavenly Steed

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Wang Zheng, feeling grossed out, shook Yan Xiaosu off. "Get away. This is Xiao Shi …"

Xiao Shi came over and gently grabbed Wang Zheng's arm. "Hello, I am Brother Zheng's distant cousin, Wang Shishi. It's my first time here on Earth. Please guide me."

Wang Zheng and Yan Xiaosu both stared at the fairy-like girl with mouths agape. Wang Zheng was angry. This girl wants to cling on to me?

"No way, you two don't look related at all. If Boss had ten percent of your genes, he would be the school's hottie!" Yan Xiaosu unceremoniously hammered on Wang Zheng's self-esteem.

"Little Student Su, are you looking for trouble?!" After ravaging Yan Xiaosu, the three of them had breakfast together.

"Xiao Shi, apart from the goddess of my dreams, you are the most beautiful girl… hmm, actually, you are even more beautiful than the goddess of my dreams!"

"Oh, is she very pretty?" Xiao Shi asked curiously. Pretty girls always seemed to be really interested in other girls who were pretty.

"Student Yan, I am having breakfast. This conversation is causing me indigestion." Wang Zheng was really not interested in talking about Ye Zisu.

"Ah, what's the matter?" Xiao Shi asked curiously.

"Long story, but in essence, I asked boss to help me pass a love letter. In the end …"

In complete disregard of Student Wang's serious demands for him to stop, Wang Zheng's embarrassing story was spilled by Yan Xiaosu.

In spite of Xiao Shi's high threshold of humor, she laughed uncontrollably. Such an idiot still existed in this world?

But when she thought about the act, it was hard to believe that he actually really did it.

"Tell me, where can you find someone more loyal than Boss?!" Yan Xiaosu narrated.

"Brother Zheng, why did you jump into the water?" Xiao Shi's cute appearance was like that of a curious baby.

"Impulse is the devil!" Wang Zheng held back a bit, but could only shrug helplessly. He found it unbearable to recall that moment.

Having heard Wang Zheng's actual recount of the events, Xiao Shi laughed freely. "Brother Zheng, you are really too cute."

Wang Zheng scratched his nose. Did this count as praise?

After breakfast, Yan Xiaosu kept wanting to show how Wang Zheng were good friends. Xiao Shi also really wanted to go play too. Originally, Wang Zheng had planned to send Xiao Shi to check her identity at the public service system, but after seeing her happy expression, he decided to put that aside for now. Truthfully, Xiao Shi's laughter was heartwarming, and Wang Zheng really felt as if he had a younger sister now.

They went to the Asian Museum of Human History, where it recorded mankind's Bronze Age, Silver Age, and even now, the Interstellar Golden Age. This aspect was out of Yan Xiaosu's scope, so Wang Zheng was responsible for explaining.

"This is mankind's earliest seismograph, a thing from ten thousand years ago. Now our ultra-vibration star detector principle bears seventy percent similarity to it,"

Wang Zheng said. Having been a helper for old merchant at the library for so many years, he had certainly read many books.

"Oh, that is one of Count Jacques Rogge's masterpieces. Brother Zheng, do you know about it?" Xiaoshi asked.

"Oh, I do not know if this is a coincidence, but compared to this seismograph, it has the addition of the sub-space wave theory. Actually, it is a very simple combination, but the person who discovered it was certainly a great person."

Unconsciously, Wang Zheng had picked up the old merchant's habits of speaking, but of course, the last line was his own addition. Old merchant was rather disdainful; hardly anyone was ever worthy of respect in his eyes.

A trace of surprise flashed in Xiao Shi's eyes. This was only the beginning of the two's conversation involving any aspects of knowledge from astronomy to geography. Wang Zheng also realized that apart from Xiao Shi forgetting her identity, the rest of her memory was not damaged and that she was well educated.

Curved Flight's memorial hall was enormous. This was the key to mankind's entry to the Golden Age. Lauren Lee was a citizen of the Aslan Empire. One had to admit that this Empire produced countless scientists and had an important position in the history of mankind's development.

"Presently, our fastest speed is that of your Aslan Empire's four times curved flight. But in the future, the mainstream mode of travel should be curved warp flight, which will greatly increase the speed."

Wang Zheng laughed. Yan Xiaosu was almost asleep. Student Yan was serious just a moment ago, but as the topic became deep and boring, he could not take it anymore. Anyway, no one was watching, so he sat on the shoulders of the great man, leaned against the great man's head, and rested for a while. Needless to say, he looked pretty stylish.

And Xiao Shi was surprised, because the theory of curved warp flight was not published yet!

This was a high-level secret of the Milky Way, and all countries were closely studying it. She inadvertently heard her mentor mention it. Wang Zheng surprisingly knew about it and even seemed to have considerable understanding of it.

How was this possible!?

"Brother Zheng, you must be Ares Military College's most gifted student!"

Student Wang's face turned red. "Cough cough. I have not been admitted. I am still a few days away from graduating from middle school."

"You can definitely do it. Compared to you, I feel too unknowledgeable."

Wang Zheng laughed. "I'm just speaking casually with assurance, that's all."

"Brother Zheng, do you have a girlfriend? You must be very popular in school!" Xiao Shi revealed an expression of admiration.

Yan Xiaosu immediately woke up. "Sister Xiao Shi, I swear to god, Boss is a virgin!"

"Yan Xiaosu, if you continue to spout nonsense, I will twist you like a fried dough twist!"

Even though Wang Zheng was thick-skinned, he could not stand Yan Xiaosu's flirting. Xiao Shi was laughing so hard that her face had turned red.

"Cough cough. We've walked for so long. Let's find a place to rest." Seeing that Wang Zheng was offended, Yan Xiaosu immediately changed the topic.

"Don't tell me you're thinking of going to play CT again."

"Haha, Sister Xiao Shi, I am an expert. I'll be reaching bronze tier soon!" Yan Xiaosu started showing off at the mention of this topic.

"Really, I haven't played it before. Is it fun?" Xiao Shi seemed really interested in everything.

"Fun? No, it is extremely fun. This is the Milky Way's most popular game. It's not a game, it is life. Battle, passion, hot-bloodedness of men, the charm of women, all blooming in the sparks of mecha!"

Yan Xiaosu gestured dramatically with his hands, as if standing on a podium with tens of thousands of observers.

Just like that, the three boarded the city's high speed train system to Brothers Net Café.

"Boss, my cubicle!" Yan Xiaosu shouted, the moment he entered. The boss immediately greeted him with smiles. This person was a VIP.

"No problem. How many?"

"Three. This is my brother and my brother's younger sister. Next time, just put them on my tab!"

Yan Xiaosu said as he patted his chest.

"No problem. This way please … What do you want to drink? We have Nebula Water, different drinks, all kinds of drinks, and they're all free today."

The boss seemed to be surprised by Xiao Shi's sweetness too, suddenly becoming generous despite having been stingy all along.

"Three bottles of Coca Cola!"

This was Yan Xiaosu's favourite. Why?

Only because Coca Cola was very domineering, had a long history, and great tone. As long as mankind was not extinct, as long as mankind needs water, there will be Coca Cola. It was most befitting for Tall-Handsome-Rich.

Upon entering CT, Yan Xiaosu completely entered an excited mood, which roused his friends.

"I almost fainted. I forgot that you both were novices. Familiarize yourselves for a bit, I'll go battle first."

Wang Zheng opened his own account. Skeleton already had 10 points, a winning streak.

And the ID Xiao Shi input was "Aslan's Little Freedom".

Yan Xiaosu shook his head. How uncreative. Then he admired his own ID, Tall-Rich-Handsome. It was powerful and domineering.

"It's best for novices to play one versus one to familiarize themselves with the mech's performance types and information. Knowing yourself and your opponent guarantees victory. I'll leave first … you two just do what you want in privacy. There are no cameras here."

Yan Xiaosu laughed. What cousin? He and Wang Zheng grew up together and he had never heard of any relatives. Boss was just slow and needed the help of a love guru like him!

Xiao Shi was surprised. "Are we considered private players?"

"Ignore him. That lad is just going through puberty recently."

Xiao Shi actually seemed like she was no stranger to the game, but she still appeared eager.

They both smiled at each other and started their CT careers excitedly.


He also really wanted to know how far he could take his knowledge gained from the Rubik's Cube.

Bright lights.

One versus one mode.

ID: Skeleton, Wargod No. 1

System matching …

Matchmaking was based on winrate, level, and total number of victories.

At this moment, in a luxurious room, three youths were also waiting for a match. They were in a 500 square meter private gameroom, truly worthy of luxury. Even the toilet was bigger than Wang Zheng's nest.

"Captain, you must definitely let us see your Soaring Heavenly Steed's Quintuple Successive Chops!"

"Is it difficult for the Demon Wolf Type V to execute the Quintuple Successive Chops?"

The two youths standing behind Ma Xiao were full of anticipation.

Ma Xiao was one of Asia's diamond-tier experts. The two behind him were new members of the Dragon God Corps. As the captain, exhibiting his skills with a different username was also to establish respect.

"Demon Wolf Type V's movements aren't bad. Its weaknesses can only be exploited by high level mecha. In this sort of arena, it is invincible."

Ma Xiao said plainly. As an expert, sometimes he would play around under a different username because his main username was too well known.

Ma Xiao's other username: Dragon God 007. It had three battles, and they were all wins.

System matching:

Skeleton VS Dragon God 007

"Oh, it turns out to be a rookie. This is really akin to slaughtering a chicken with a butcher's chopper."

"To die under the Dragon God is already a blessing for him."

The two youths behind him were excited. They could see from captain's first-person view, a rare opportunity. Both of them were Gold One rank and were important reserves of the team. They were also Ares College freshmen.

"F**k, are you kidding me? It's a Brittleskin. He'll be dead in one move."

Ma Xiao was slightly speechless. While opponents at this level were as easy to win against as computers, there was some intelligence. But his opponent actually chose Brittleskin. One slice and it would be over.

Bright lights shone on the platform as two mecha slowly emerged.

Ma Xiao did not want to waste any time. The moment the battle began, the Demon Wolf Type V pulled back on the throttle slightly. By pausing briefly, it would increase the mech's instantaneous burst power, especially for beast type mechs.

The operation of the mech flowed naturally and the mech lunged towards the opponent.

Almost instantly the mech was right in front of the Wargod No. 1. "Watch closely! It is time for the Soaring Heavenly Steed's Quintuple Successive Chops!"

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