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Read ‘Tegar’ Online for Free, written by the author The_King_Master, This book is a Fantasi dari timur Novel, covering Fiction, Light Novel, Internet Novel, and the synopsis is:


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Angel J was a brand that all the bride-to-be sought out for their once-in-a-lifetime event, Marriage. It was a brand that hadn't experienced any setbacks since its founding and was founded by Juliette's mother Jasmine Angel. It was supposed to be Juliette's according to her mother's will. It was supposed to be hers, only if she was there to receive it on her twenty-first birthday. It was weird and specific. On Juliette's twenty-first birthday, she will receive Angel J along with my last name. If Juliette is not present, then Owen Reign will inherit Angel J. In the event of Juliette's passing before this Will becomes valid, Angel J will lose its name and should be sold before the proceeds are donated to 'White Orchid Home'. Juliette's mother was a shrewd woman who prioritized Juliette's safety over Angel J, which was her life's work. She made sure that Juliette would be protected from certain individuals, regardless of whether she received support from Angel J or not. Meanwhile, Juliette was determined to save herself and Angel J from her father, who she knew had married her mother out of greed. Sure Angel J was a golden goose but that was old news and now the Reign family has more than one such thing. If only Juliette could stay put until it was time for her to get away from these people, she would have her freedom and life. So despite facing the ire of her stepmother and siblings, Juliette worked hard to not stand out and keep herself out of everyone's notice. However, she didn't anticipate the full extent of her family's greed, nor did she realize the other reasons why her family was significant among the elites. "Hey!" Juliette ignored the voice only she could hear and the man only she could see, despite the man's smile reminiscent of a golden retriever. "You can see me right?" He asked again... He's been asking that same question for a week now and it was getting hard for Juliette to ignore it. She's been ignoring these "people" and their voices for a while, but this man was persistent. How she wished to smack this idiot's head so hard that he would be plastered to the wall. But that would give her away. He wasn't the first and he wouldn't be the last. So Juliette would rather not start it at all. "Can we be friends?" PERSISTENT!

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