Teenage love story : an unforgettable memory Book

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Teenage love story : an unforgettable memory


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High School love story. Li wie wie , the unknown heirs of Li corporation returns to China to continue her further studies in her homeland. Li wie wie joins a prestigious and famous school of beijing, disguising herself as an ugly looking girl and entered the school named as bai wie wie . Beijing chen high school was a prestigious and the richest school of China which belonged to Chen corporation. Mu chen , the heirs of Mu corporation which is also one of the prestigious family as li's falls in love with Li wie wie who is disguised as bai wie wie irrespective to her background. ********* Seeing all the girls glaring at her , she jumped from the first floor landing directly on the ground floor. She willingly ran slow so that the remaining girls could catch up her pace. Soon they reached the first grade class . Bai wie wie turned towards Mu chen and spoke up. " hey Mu chen , are we both in love?" With a sterned face he replied" no" " am I your girlfriend?" " NOO" she turned towards the group of girls who came running behind her " you guys , did you listen" Li jin spoke up breathing heavily " why dint you tell us right then?" " Haha....just for kick " Everyone were stupified by her answer. ********** Catch up the story of the crazy girl Li wie wie and Mu Chens school love story . school love are the best moments of our youth. this story is comical , yet romantic . Hope you remember your beautiful times you spent in your school as you read the story. Note:- I'm not that good in grammar and literature . it' just has become a hobby where I can express my imagination.

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