Teen Wolf: The Hybrid Pack

Drake Hale is a member of the Hale family, also known as the Hale pack. He is one of the two sons of the strongest alphas in the world. The twin brother of Derek Hale, a beta werewolf. The first born alpha to exist. And something more. Read as Drake learns how to control his powers, create his own pack, and discovers his past. This is the origin story of the, The Hybrid Pack. ×××××× English is not my first language so expect the worst you can do. Warning: Some chapters may trigger you because of it's cringiness and violence, so consider yourself warned. Disclaimer: This novel is a fan fiction of the original work, I don't own anything other than my OC characters. And the book cover is from google, I just edited it for a bit. Tips: Read the tags so you'll know what you're getting into. Tags: Reincarnation, Alternate Universe, Werewolf, Vampire, R-18, Harem, Incest, Shape Shifters, Supernatural, Romance.

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Chapter 7 - Paige Krasikeva

August 13 2001.

It has already been a year since it was revealed that Drake is a born alpha.

At that time, Drake forgave Talia as he understood that it is for his own safety, that was why the Hale family once again returned to their peaceful life.

However that doesn't mean nothing changed.

Having a two alphas in one pack is not easy, that is why they were forced to change a certain thing.

And that change was, Derek and Peter is now a member of Drake's pack.

Because with Drake's help, Derek is now able to fully control his supernatural powers.

Even under the full moon.

Peter on the other hand joined the pack because he wanted to teach his nephew how to be a great leader, or so he said.

But that doesn't mean Drake would leave Talia's pack, no, he still consider his mother his alpha.

And thus making Talia even more powerful.

However this change is only known by the Hale pack, no other werewolf knew that the Hale pack now have two alphas.

Or else, this peaceful life of theirs might became chaotic.


*Beep* *Beep* *Beep*

When the alarm clock began to beep, Drake immediately woke up and turn it off.

After brushing his teeth and taking a nice and refreshing shower, Drake prepared for today's first class.

Today is the first day of Drake and Derek's 8th grade year.

After eating and saying his goodbyes, Drake then started to go to school.

He decided to take a run to cool down his excitement or else he might lose control of himself and do something embarrassing.


"Mom drive carefully, okay?"

Not far away from where Drake is, a 13 years old teen girl said to her mother who is currently driving.

"Don't be too nervous honey, I'm looking on the road."

"Okay, just be careful."

Her mother responded making the teen girl to just gave in to her mother.



As her mother continue to drive, a bird suddenly fall on the windshield of the car, shocking the two of them.

Because of the shock, the mother suddenly turned the wheel of the car to it's right.

Because of that, the car headed towards the side of the road, the direction where a teen boy is currently running.

The mother tried to turn the wheel of the car to avoid hitting the teen, but then.

As if aware of the danger, the teen turned his head to look at the car before he ran towards the side, avoiding it.

The speed that the teen showed is faster than a normal person can possibly do, but not impossible to do if faced in a fight or flight situation.

And thus avoiding any suspicions at what just happened.

Well, at least the boy thinks to himself.

After the car passed through the boy, it stopped and avoided crashing into anything.

The teen then ran towards the two passenger of the car, trying to see if they're alright.

"Hello?! Are you two okay!?"

The teen girl heard a voice of a boy trying to talk to them, she turned her head to look and then she saw a boy outside the car.

She lower down the window and spoke to the boy.

"I'm sorry we almost hit you, I'm really sorry."

She said while feeling guilty.

"No, it's alright we're all okay and that's all that matters."

The boy said with a smile but soon after he said that, the mother apologized too, which is why he said the same thing again.

After asking what happened, the boy began to give a quick check to the car if it is alright.

The girl noticed this and when she asked how he can know a lot about car at a young age he answered with.

"My uncle is a car fanatic and he taught me and my brother a thing or two about it."

"I see."

The girl replied before she continue to watch him.

And as the boy check the exterior and interior of their vehicle, the girl couldn't help but smile at him from time to time.

A few minutes later, the boy finished checking the car before he said.

"Looks like everything is fine, just be extra careful next time."

He spoke with a smile and left after hearing quite a few more apologies and gratitude from the mother and daughter duo.


After leaving the two, Drake continue to run to the school as if nothing happened.

He arrived at the school after 5 more minutes of running and went to his classroom, where Derek is already talking to his friends.

'Being a werewolf really is a blessing.'

Drake thought to himself as he went to the back of the classroom to take a seat, without any sweat on him even after 15 minutes of running.

After half an hour the teacher came and on his side is a teen girl.

"Good morning class, I'm Mr. Rouk your homeroom teacher for school year 2001 - 2002. And as this is the first day of school..."

While the teacher started the class with his introduction, the girl sat on the right side of Drake.

Drake looked at the girl and were shocked to learn that it's the same girl at the car earlier that almost hit him.

The girl has a fair white skin, dark brown hair as well as brown eyes and a mole in her lower left eye.

While running towards the school, Drake couldn't stop thinking about the girl.

That's because she had caught his interest, some might say it is love at first sight.

Which Drake couldn't deny.

And so, now that she's sitting next to him, Drake couldn't contain his curiosity anymore and so he asked.

"Hey I'm Drake Hale, what's your name?"

When the girl heard a whisper she turned to her left side and were shocked to see who it is.

Her eyes opened wide as her cheeks became red as she suddenly remembered the embarrassing accident this morning.

"Paige... Paige Krasikeva."

She replied while feeling embarrassed as well as guilty towards Drake.

Drake is about to whisper again, when his name was called by the unknown teacher.

Unknown because Drake hasn't listen a single word the teacher said ever since the class started.

"Yes! sir...?"

Drake answered hesitantly, as he stared at their homeroom teacher.

"What's the last thing I said Mr. Hale?"

Mr. Rouk asked as he crossed his arms on his chest.


Drake answered with an awkward smile, gaining the laugh of some of his classmates.

And of course, one of them is his brother, Derek.

Drake saw this and thought to himself.

'Just you wait oh sweet brother of mine, I will make you laugh like there's no tomorrow when this class is done.'

While Derek is laughing, a shivers ran on his back as if warning him about a bad omen.

"Alright you and I will talk after class Mr. Hale understood?"

Mr. Rouk brought him out of his thoughts as he heard him, and all Drake could do is nod at the still unknown teacher.

Yoww, the corniness and cringiness of this fanfic will start from this chapter, so be warned!!

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