1 Everything Changes

"I am really happy for you guys." Dad said

"I hope you keep her happy forever." Mom said as she patted Alex's shoulder.

"I will try my best to keep her happy,I promise." Alex said which made me blush a bit.

"Luci,will you leave me?" Troy rushed to my lap.He was my younger brother.

"I will never leave you my troy." I said as I tapped his nose.

Alex received a call.

"Alex Dempsey speaking."

"... ..."


"Yes,we will be right there."

He looked at me,"Lucia, there's an emergency meeting.We have to go immediately." He said.

"Wait,let me grab my backpack." I said as I ran to my room.

"What happened, Dempsey?" My dad asked Alex.

"They said nothing,just said it is an emergency." He replied.

"I love you mom and dad." I said as I kissed them.

"We love you too,baby." Mom said as she placed a kiss on my cheek.

Alex and I went there.General John Walker was standing in the conference room with his face full of fear.We sat down on the table.To my surprise,there was no one around us.

"Alex,Luke Vernon is coming for you.Our undercover, Joseph Griffin got the information.I warn you Alex,he will not be merciful this time." General Walker said.

Alex was in danger.My palms started to sweat.Who was Luke Vernon?

"Luke Vernon is coming for revenge,Alex.We will keep you both under our special protection.''

"Remember Alex.No one else can know the truth.He is here for personal business." He added.

It shook us to our core.This was something very dangerous.I didn't want dad and mom to worry so I didn't say anything to them.

"Hello dad?"

"Hey.What's the matter?" His voice moved me to tears.

"Nothing dad.It's just work and I will be here for the time being so don't worry."

"Oh,I hope you are fine.'' He said sadly.

''I love you dad and tell mum that I love her very much.Also tell Troy that I love him very much too.'' I said.

"What's the matter Lucia?" He asked.

"I just miss you guys.I don't wish to be away from you." I said.

''It's fine.We will meet soon, right?"

"Yes..." I said and hung up.Someone knocked on my door.

"It's your dinner." Alex said and sat beside me.

"Thank you." I took the package from his hand.

"I am going to miss you." He said.

"Come on,why will you miss me?" I asked.

"If anything happens to me in the near fut-"

"No,Alex." I hushed him.

"If anything happens to me in the near future,always remember that I will always love you." He said as he put his hand on my cheek.

"No Alex.Nothing will happen to any of us.Okay?" I said as I hugged him.Both of us were scared.

"Can we-?" He asked.I knew what he meant.All these times with him,I never slept with him because I had a rule for myself.No sleeping with anyone before marriage.

However,I agreed and he locked the door.He laid over me and started to undress me but something interrupted us.

"John Walker to Sgt.Alex Dempsey,I repeat,John Walker to Sgt.Alex Dempsey.Do you copy?" The voice from his radio phone interrupted us.

"I copy." He said as he sat up and I covered my body.

"We need you in the conference room immediately." General Walker spoke.

"Roger that, general." He said as he got up and sat straight.

"I am sorry,Alex." I said as I touched his back.

"It's fine." He smiled and placed a kiss on my cheek.I ate my dinner and headed back to sleep.


"Come with me!" Alex pulled me from my sleep.I ran behind him.

There was no sound except for the gunshots.They attacked our headquarter.If he was here for personal business then why bring the whole Russian military with him?

"No,no!" Alex screamed and I looked up.

"Don't hurt her, she's innocent." Alex screamed.In front of him was standing the man who changed my entire life, Luke Vernon."She is innocent,but you aren't." He smiled and walked towards Alex.He grabbed his collar and slapped him,which made him fall to the ground.

Luke Vernon was way taller and stronger than Alex.He had an attractive figure and appearance.He had slight beard on his face and he had something in him which I could not understand.

"Please let her go.I am responsible,she is not." Alex begged for my life.

"Please don't hurt him." I said as I stood in front of him.

"Little lovers huh?" He smirked and touched my cheek.

"Don't touch her!" Alex said as he attempted to punch Luke Vernon but he ducked it and punched him harder.

"Alex!" I screamed and held his face.My face was wet with tears.I cried loudly.

"Lucia!" Alex widened his eyes and pushed me away.Vernon shot him in the chest three times with a SIG SAUER M17.

"Alex!NO!" I screamed and hugged him.

"No,no,no!" I screamed.My whole world fell apart.

"Alex." I cried as I shook him.

"Wake up baby,wake up!" I laid on his chest and cried.

"Please,wake up,please,please,please." I cried.

"He is not waking up." Luke smiled.

"You!" I screamed at him.

"I will kill you!" I said as I charged him but he was too strong.He just smiled at me and grabbed my arms.I tried to hit his strong chest with my powerless hands.

"Why did you do it?Why?" I cried and passed out in his chest.

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