Tears of Vengeance Book

novel - Fantasy Romance

Tears of Vengeance


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"What happens when hatred is entangled with love? What happens when you fall in love with the man with whom love is forbidden?" Just when my life was starting,he entered and destroyed everything.He killed my fiance in front of my eyes. He abducted me and forced me to stay with him,kept me under his control and made me feel safe. He took care of me when I was hurt.He stopped the time if anything happened to me.He made me smile even when he was at his worst. He covered me when the duvet fell off my body.He kissed me when I felt insecure.He made me his no matter what the odds were.The person who was cruel and merciless to everyone except me. He made me fall in love with him...and he succeeded. When he realized that he and I were different and whatever he did would cause me pain,he suppressed the emotions in his heart and made a decision of letting me go for my own happiness. He sacrificed his happiness just to see me happy because that's what love is. When we were separated,I realized that no matter what he has done in the past or how cruel he was to the entire world,he taught me love and he was the one who loved me the most. Despite our differences and conflicts,he knew that no matter what I do or what he does,I will still love him because he is the only person who can conquer my heart. He is the only person who can love me and I am the only one who can love him.