1 charcters

"Micheal the fifth" he is the Ruler of The South Kingdom and the first king.

"Arthur" is the king of the south kingdom .he was betrayed and killed by his subordinates.

"Raymond"' he is the crown prince . his age is 16 years old .his is very handsome .he has a strange black mixed with white hair .His build up looks small and fragile.he likes reading so much. however he was an inexperienced person. see the life as simple as child do.he has simple dreams .after his father dead and his escape he met people who will influence his temper and personality to become the most powerful and domineering kingdom in the history.

'Bella"' she is the prince own servant . she is 20 years old. her parents were merchants whose killed by an ambush made by The Three Kingdoms .

"Rose" is the princess of the North Kingdom .she is 24 ears old and she is Raymond fiancee.She will be the queen of the Southern kingdom .

"Harry" he is 26 years and the prince of the eastern kingdom and he is the lover of princess Rose.he has a lovely appearance when you see him but it's just the ice burg .

"Richard" he is the prime_minister and the mentor for the king "Arthur".they grow with each other.the only man who stood beside the king till the end .

"Elizabeth"she is a young and beautiful lady whose looks like a fairy maiden .she is 29 years old .she found the princes and brought him to her village and took a good care for him ,she liked him like her own dead son 'Thomas'.she has a fatal disease .

"Kyle" he is an aged wise man from the North Kingdom .He is Elizabeth and Charles father . he has a very mysterious background .he is very smart strategist and swordsman .

"Charles" he is 16 years old as Raymond .he is very skilled at swordplay and spear . he will be the right arm and the protector for Raymond and he will help him greatly till get his revenge.He is the leader of Dark shade group.

"George"he is the most skilled doctor who has unparalleled skill in medicine and poisons . he is the Elizabeth's lover and Raymond second teacher .

"William" he is the king of the Eastern Kingdom and the most pathetic one.

"Ethan"is the king of the North Kingdom , He has a complicated personality which can't be understand.

"Oscar" the king of west kingdom .the weakest kingdom .

"Roberts"he is 21 years old. he is a prince of desolate lands in the West Kingdom .He got sick when he was 16 years old . he got engaged with the young princess of the richest country of the western kingdom,.

"Smith" Robert's Father and the king of Persia . he is very nice man to his people and a good father .

"Emily"she is the princess of " Eldorado country " the richest country in the western kingdom .he is 24 years old .she has an Irresistible beauty .Although she doesn't like Robert at first she didn't ask him about anything and took care of him . she will slowly attracted to Raymond cold personality and sank in his love to her feet .

"Daniel" an old man who is 50 years old who raised Roberts and served him since childhood .

"Martin" he is the prince of Laurania he is 23 years old .he is Robert's childhood friend.

. He is a far sighted person .

"Wilson"he is Martin mentor he was genius since childhood and was famous by his incredible strategies .His first battle was at the age of eleven .He is called by the master of the five dragons .

"The five dragons" they are five generals whose reputation was heard in the four kingdoms. The south kingdom had two generals . and each kingdom has one .

" countries"

"The South Kingdom" it's the biggest and most powerful kingdom which has the ability to go against the other three kingdoms even if they were Together.

"The Eastern Kingdom "it's one of five dragons called 'acher' who is skilled in crafting weapons .It's spies in every country and the biggest spies web in The Four Kingdoms .

"The Western Kingdom" it's the weakest kingdom .

"The North Kingdom" it's a desolate kingdom and the smallest one .

"Eldorado " the richest country in the western kingdom.

"Laurania "A desolate country in the western kingdom.

"Eurasia"country in the western kingdom where Elizabeth live.