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Luna is a normal government worker while her father is one of the higher rank official military in the country. She has love from her parents and a brother. However one day, her country being attack and wars destroy her peaceful life. Her family die in a war, she lost everything. She hate herself because she is weak and she volunteered herself to be one of military weapon so she can kill all her enemies. “What is your name?” An old man wearing a lab coat ask her. “My name is Subject 2.8.” Luna said with robotic tone. The old man smile and every one in the lab clap their hand. “We finally success! We can kill our enemy with this subject!” 5 years of war finally end but with powerful weapon that they have, they want more. They want take over other country. “Luna… I am very sorry. I don’t want them used you for their greed. Listen to me Luna. You already take a revenge for your family and you had protected the country well. I know deep inside you, your soul is there. Remember who you are and I hope your soul will be peaceful…” The old man shaking hand push ‘Enter’ on his keyboard and Luna eyes close. “Rest in peace Luna… May we rest in peace.” BOMB!!! ~~~ Luna open her eyes again and she saw a woman crying in front of her. “Bina! You finally wake up! My baby!” The woman hug her tight with tears running nonstop. Six month had past, Luna finally understand she had been reborn on new world. However, her robot instinct was still in her and she don’t know how to react with human. “You weakling human! How dare you push me! Your mother die and no body will protect you anymore! Move out from this house or I kill you!” A tall and muscle body smack Luna face and she fall back. A roar come from behind Luna and without any words, a big bear come and attack the tall and muscle man, he suddenly turn into a lion and fight back the bear. It was a fierce fight but finally the lion change back into human and surrender. The bear change into his human form, with some claws wound at his hand and body he come towards Luna and said. “Will you marry me, Bina? I promise you I will protect you and you never live with hunger anymore.” The built body man who only wore animal skin propose to her suddenly. Slowly, she learnt many feelings and act as normal human. Can she survive leaving in this danger world? Can she return to herself back to normal human?


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