1 Chapter 1.

Chapter 1.



Living a life on Earth is... Well, troublesome. It's hard, to say the least and it's definitely stressful. A life like that is what almost everyone wants to avoid... I mean, who would want to live a life full of hardship? I know I wouldn't.

The same could be said for a certain young man thats currently dashing through the dark and dirty alleyways in the streets of New York. The boy was huffing and puffing, his steps were starting to fall out of line with each other.

You can tell he's exhausted, and rightfully so.


"Argh!" The boy let out a groan of pain as he failed to pick up his right leg in the mist of running, causing him to hit it on a knocked over trashcan... Making him fall.

"Hey! He fell! Grab him!" A manly mature voice rang throughout the alleyway, hearing his words caused the boy to stiffen up though. Not out of fear, but mostly out of hurt and sadness.

His eyes were full of confusion and hidden rage.




The sounds of multiple footsteps made their way to his ears. Making his emotions grow with each step. Once they stopped, the boy lifted his head and was met with the face of a twenty to twenty two year old man with two goons behind him. Most likely the same age.

"Not so tough now huh? All that running and we still caught you, brat." The man spoke, venom laced his every words. Even without it, the boy could tell the man was planning something terrible just by looking at his nasty and malicious smirk that couldn't seem to leave his face.

"... Just do it already. You've caught me. No point in talking about it." The boy replied. His facial expression still. Unmoving.

The man and his goons just smiled, almost like a friendly smile as the main man in the middle, lets call him Bob. As Bob reached out his hand for the boy to take.

The boy's still eyes changed to that of confusion as he stared at the hand in front of him. He moved his gaze back over Bob's face, trying to see through what he's planning...

Looking at the boy in front of him, Bob's smile softened even more as he gestured with his head to grab onto his hand. The boy hesitated a bit, but still received Bob's hand...

And that was a great mistake.

The soft smile quickly changed to that of a malicious grin as the goon on Bob's right swiftly pulled out a machete that was in his waist band. The boys eyes widened in fear, the goon, in one swift motion, raised the machete and brought it down on the boys hand. Giving him no time to react.



The boys eyes pooled over with tears as he fell backwards, holding his now handless wrist. The pain he felt was nothing like he's ever felt before. His cries and wails were like music to the mans ears, only making him fall further into a pit of rage, anguish, pain, and sadness...


The boys wails silenced as he felt a cold metal press against his forehead. Razing his tearful gaze, he saw that Bob was now holding a gun to his head. A smile laced his face.

"Now... It wouldn't have had to end like this had you not refused. You joined me knowing damn well what we would be doing for money, and you though you had leeway. I really liked you, I did... This is the last thing I wanted to happen, but you left me no choice."


The gun in Bob's hand clacked once more before his index finger landed on the trigger... He was moving slowly, trying to savor the look of despair and hatred the boy in front of him held...

"Good bye, Azrael."


And just like that... The life of a young boy was taken. All because he made the wrong decisions trying to live a life of luxury...



Floating in a room seemingly devoid of light, was a soul that was full of light. It was the brightest thing in the room no doubt, and the form of this soul was that of a young boy. Opening it's eyes, the soul looked around, confusion and worry seen in its eyes.

It floated towards a direction, trying to see if there was at least a wall, or something that could give him an idea of where he is. But after minutes of trying, he came up short. Causing him to give up and rethink his life.

Starting off from his child hood. It wasn't the best, but he was still happy. Parents were a mess, barely ever around but hey!

He had friends that kept him company... He was a cheerful child, very trusting and trustful. Never believed anyone would do him wrong just because.

Fast forward to middle school. Life started to weigh in on him. He realized that, at the way he was going, he would end up alone and broke. Probably living on the streets. He didn't want that, so he went to his parents to see if they had any suggestions to his worries, but all he got was a yelling session and a back hand to the face.

Not very helpful if you ask me.

Moving on. High school...

The place where you would finalize your personality... The place you would grow the most. But also the most stressful time. Other kids and adults started pressuring him, the adults were for his grades while the kids were ones that he hung out with since elementary school.

They started getting into illegal shit, like drug dealing and all that jazz. They tried to rope him in but he refused... Every. Single. Time. They never gave up though. Come senior year, Azrael was stressed. And I mean STRESSED.

His grades weren't good enough for him to apply to the college that he wanted to, his parents had separated, leaving him with his abusive dad. His so called "Child Hood friends" had started to distance themselves from him.

Wanting nothing to do with a "Loser".

It all hit at once. Life was hard, and he wanted to make it easier...

So he fell. Fell into the trap of peer pressure.

He gave into his old friends suggestions of him getting into the "gangster" life. Or the life of a criminal in better terms. And he found it was actually pretty easy. His physical build was actually really fit, he always went to work out when he found himself stressed or getting overwhelmed with a different emotion. It helped a ton when it came to drug dealing as he was fast.

Never needed a car since he was more mobile on his feet. Thats what led him to meeting the man named Bob...

Azrael's work on the streets as a seller was pretty well known, a lot of plugs wanted him. But only one got him...

His best of friend's... The one that never treated him differently because he wanted to live a proper life. The one that was there for him when his parents kicked him out for no reason, or when they beat him.

At this point, the soul of Azrael was starting to grow dimmer... The feelings of confusion and loss took over as he thought about how his one and only best friend fucked him over and betrayed him. He was angry.

"Calm down boy... If you let those feelings take over then I won't be able to talk to you for long." A grandfatherly voice thundered through the dark room. Stirring Azrael from his thoughts as well as putting him on guard.

"W-who said that!? Where are you?!" He shouted, frantically looking around.

"Im right here. No need to get worked up." The voice replied, it was a lot softer then before, almost like it was in Azrael's head.

Azrael still didn't let his guard down, but he slowed his frantic head turns and settled on what seemed to be the middle of the room.

A bright pure white being slowly descended towards Azrael, completely awing him. The being was huge, standing at about 8'2, a long beard made of light as well as wearing yellow-lighted robes.

The being smiled softly at the awed Azrael, waiting for the boy to come back to his senses. And as if on queue, Azrael's mouth shut closed as he took a step back.

"W-who are you? Where am I?" He asked, his mature seventeen year old voice was back to normal. The feelings of worry and suspicion died down the closer he was to the being of light...

Though he didn't realize this.

Holding the same grandfatherly smile, the being replied.

"I am what you would call God. And I am here to give you a... proposition." He stated, causing Azrael to frown.

"Proposition? And what is that? And God? You're saying you actually exist?" He questioned, though the last one made him feel a bit stupid since he's literally looking at God now, but he quickly got over it.

"Haha, yes. I do exist, and well... I wish to give you a second chance at life... With a few gifts of course, but I do wish for something in return... It won't be much so please stop frowning so deeply... You'll get wrinkles like that." God said playfully, though the second life part he said with his normal grandfatherly tone.

Azrael's eyes shot open. He's read about stuff like this before, though he wasn't all that into it...

"Second chance?... But why? I wasn't what you would call, a 'Good Human.'" Azrael said, confusion as well as suspicion laced in his tone. God didn't reply immediately, and instead he just scanned the boy in front of him...

His eyes now held interest.

"Yes, a second chance. And it's because I found the way you lived your life pitiful. There are a lot of people who live in the same situations you did, but I chose you. Feel happy at least." God replied, letting out a chuckle towards the end.

Azrael's widened eyes lowered as he fell into thought. He was wondering why he was chosen out of all the people in his position... It doesn't make since that he would be specifically chose just because God felt bad for him. Cause in that case, wouldn't that kind of be playing favorites?

Shaking his head, Azrael decided that there was no harm in listening to Gods proposition. He was sure that he wouldn't be tasked to do something terrible since the being in front of him is considered to be the most holiest of holy's.

"Alright... But what's the proposition? You never stated what you wanted." Azrael said back. Drawing Gods attention.

"Ah, well... I just wanted that you would live your life the way you wanted in your next life. It's nothing crazy and it definitely wasn't something that you were expecting, but it's truly what I want... So! Come on, you have four wishes." God said, gaining excitement towards the end of his statement.

Azrael saw this change and thought it was pretty funny. He chuckled a bit before falling into thought. Gods exchange for his new life was definitely something he wasn't expecting but he's not going to complain about it.

I mean why would he?

At least he's not being used for entertainment or something...

"Alright, I guess I can do that... As for my first wish, I would like a new body with unlimited potential, and for it to have the ability to adapt to anything. With a bit of time of course..." He informed nervously. Azrael tried the little 'and' trick and was hoping it would work.

Glancing up at God he saw that he was putting on a thinking expression. It lasted a while before he suddenly fixed his position and replied.

"I can do that. Though I know what you tried to do there, but I'll let it slide... It will cost one wish. Next?"

Azrael let out a breath of relief and fell back into thought. Not a second later, he got an idea.

"For my second wish, I wish for the Warhammer titans hardening ability. But have it to where I don't need a titan form for it, so I can use it regularly... Kind of like Weapon creation, but with Warhammer hardening. Oh, also make it be able to grow unlimitedly as well."

{A/N. Basically making it grow in power alongside his body.}

Azrael stated his wish. God just nodded with his eyes closed and said.

"Done. Next? And this time just say both at the same time... We don't have much time." He stated, pointing towards Azrael's slowly dissipating soul form. Looking at himself, Azrael's eyes widened before he quickly nodded and fell into thought.

Taking no longer then five minutes, he came to a conclusion.

"For my third wish, I wish for the ability of Spatial Perception, as well as level four regeneration." He said in one breath.

"These abilities should have unlimited growth as well!" He quickly added.

{A/N. Basically all his abilities will grow alongside his body.}

God nodded with a smile before snapping his fingers. A overwhelming feeling of relief washed over Azrael, causing him to let out a small moan of comfort. The feeling was soon over and he opened his eyes. He looked questioningly at God, waiting for an answer.

"What I just did was grant all of your wishes, as well as set course for your new world." God informed, his smile never leaving his face.

Azrael looked at God questioningly, wanting to know what world was chosen.

Reading his mind, God's smile softened some more as he answered.

"The Beginning After The End."

And with that, Azrael's soul faded. Sending him into his new life, in a new world...



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