27 The Drunkards Attack

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As the night melted, the dark sky was filled with stars.

Inside the tavern was a lively scene. Five middle-aged men were drinking and bragging at a table. There was also a teenager sitting outside the bar, listening to their conversation and laughing secretly from time to time.

Even though there were only six people and the entire tavern was very empty, it still made the passers-by feel that it was very lively inside.

Alan listened to the irrelevant conversations of these men, feeling both envious and amused.

Wayne and the others were old drunkards who could drink. Alan gave them a whole bottle of whiskey so he only needed to pay attention to whether the ice in their glasses melted.

"Knapp, are you convinced?" Mister Wayne had been asking Knapp this question from the beginning to the end. Now that he was slightly drunk, he was no longer so stubborn. Instead, he nodded his head to show that he lost the bet.

"If you're willing to bet, you must admit your loss. I'll buy your whiskey this month!" Knapp said straightforwardly, but it would be more convincing if he took back the pained look on his face.

"Hahaha, look at Knapp's stingy face. When we go back tonight, do you think Linda will beat him up if she finds out?" Mauricio, who was like an iron tower, became very forthright after drinking. He no longer had the inferiority complex and cowardice he had when he first entered the door.

"For a bet, not only do you have to pay using your private money, but your wife might also beat you up, Knapp do you think it's worth it?" Amorim was the one who Alan found to have the biggest contrast before and after drinking. From the moment he entered the door, he did not say a word, his expression did not even change. It wasn't until he drank a little that he became a chatterbox. He looked like two completely different people.

"It's strange. Knapp is also very fierce outside. Why is he so afraid of Linda?" Wayne was puzzled.

"Bullsh * t. I respect her, not afraid of her!" Hearing the word 'afraid', Knapp was like an irritated cat. "Besides, why do you care! I have a wife. I'm better than you old men who have been single for decades!"

When Dorje saw his smug look, his heart was envious. "This is a man's romance. What we seek is freedom, an adventure of blood and fire. Unlike you, who just wants to settle down, what do you know?" He rolled his eyes at him.

Alan was enjoying himself listening to the conversation. If his memory served him right, Linda was a short woman who was as wide as Mauricio. He could tell that she was a beauty when she was young, but he really could not appreciate her figure.

It was already late at night. Wayne and the others finished the entire bottle of whiskey and everyone was drunk.

"Little Alan is so good-looking and so good at making wine. I wonder which family's young girls will benefit from him in the future," Wayne said with a bit of stutter.

"Alan, mister Knapp has three daughters at home. How about they all become your wives?"Amorim added.

Hearing this suggestion, Knapp's eyes lit up. This was a good idea. After becoming a family, would they still need to pay for drinks? He was just about to agree.

"I don't agree to this marriage. As little Alan's uncle, I, Wayne, do not agree. With Alan's face, it's more than enough for him to marry an elf." Wayne vehemently objected.

Dorje nodded as well, silently ridiculing in his heart, 'you think that your three short and strong daughters are worthy of such a talented and outstanding-looking young man?'

Alan was shocked when he heard that. Why were they talking about him?

"Wayne, tell me clearly why my daughters are not worthy of this kid!" Knapp was furious when he heard that.

Just as the five drunkards were about to quarrel again, an unexpected elf came in from outside the door.

Mauricio's seat was facing the door so he was the first to see the elf. The others followed his line of sight and looked the same.

"Good evening, Sofia!" Alan saw that it was an acquaintance he had not seen for a long time and greeted her happily. This shocked Wayne and the other men.

When she entered and saw the few people sitting near the bar counter were the old customers from her tavern, she was surprised.

But her expressions did not change. She calmly walked while facing the five inquisitive gazes.

Sophia had not come to drink for a few days. When she saw the drastic changes in the tavern, especially when she saw the magic lamp hanging on the wall, she could not help but wonder, 'This kid only met the princess once, and their relationship is already so good? It seems that I must a trip back to my clan.'

Everyone in the Hailar continent knew about the magic lamp, but not many people could afford it. Even many noble families still used candles.

This lighting method was not only convenient but also expensive. The raw stones used for the wick were very rare and could only be found on the seabed. Things from the sea could only be obtained by exchanging with the Sea Clan.

Sophia was still sitting in her usual position at the bar counter.

When Alan saw Sophia, he gladly went to the other side of the bar counter.

"Still the same?" Alan asked with a smile.

Sophia stared at Alan's face for a while, then nodded slowly.

As for Wayne and the others, they were stunned when they saw Sophia come in. Even Wayne and Dorje knew for the first time that there was an elf on Alan's list of customers.

It was also a few days after Sophia said she wouldn't come that Wayne started to come to the tavern, so he just missed her perfectly.

Sophia sat down and kept her head down, thinking about her trip to the Forest of Elves.

Wayne and the others also gathered together to discuss in a low voice why the owner of the Elf Tavern would come to her opponent tavern to drink, late at night too. With such an interruption, the five of them became quite sober.

"Sophia, the wine is ready." Alan pushed the goblet filled with wine to her. He wanted to have a good chat with her, but her expression showed that she didn't want to communicate.

Sophia picked up the glass and drank the Lafite skillfully. Wayne saw her movements and knew that it was not her first time drinking, so he was even more curious.

"Do you think this elf came to drink just for the sake of drinking?" Knapp whispered to his drinking friends.

Dorje touched his chin, his eyes full of wisdom. He looked straight at the beautiful combination at the bar counter. "I don't think so. The two of them should be quite familiar with each other. Their movements are so in line with each other."

Wayne listened to Dorje's analysis and began to observe carefully. Finally, he found some clues.

"Don't tell me this Sofia wants to go for someone younger... Elves have a long life. It looks like she's at least 600 years old." After saying that, he couldn't help but look at the elf sitting on the high stool outside the bar counter.

"If we're talking about young human women, they definitely wouldn't have such an amorous style. Look at her seductive figure, the size of her mountains, her small waist, and her butt. It's just that her face, although is very exquisite, is so cold," Wayne said as he sized her up.

The other four couldn't help but nod in agreement.

However, no matter how big the tavern was, the bar wasn't too far from the nearest table. Moreover, no matter how softly they spoke, a powerhouse like Sophia could hear them clearly from such a distance.

Even Alan heard most of Wayne's words. Alan, who was standing opposite of Sophia, could see that her exquisite face was covered in frost and her ears were red from anger.

The goblet in her hand was getting frozen bit by bit.

The female elf in front of him was emitting cold air. It was an appearance that Alan had never seen before. Looking at Wayne's thick brain, it seemed that he still hadn't noticed her abnormality and was about to continue speaking.

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