Scientist on lab 1718 was obsessed on creating peace but they fell deeper and deeper at the thought of making a human weapon . Dr.Gogh , one of the founders of the lab 1718 , decided to leave this project and focused on another creation. He found the human weapons unecessary and cruel but yet he wanted to create a living soul .

While doing so he remembered his only daughter , a very petite girl with very short hair . This future creation is based from her . She has orange like hair with dark tamarind eyes and rosy cheeks.

"dad? why are you always gone?" she asked rubbing her eyes as she saw his father leaving the house again

"I was doing a very big project so please be a good girl and sleep , it's getting late" dr.Gogh replied smiling

"I love you ! I hope that your work will be successful so we could be together again!" She said smiling back

"I love you too..."

Dr.Gogh smiled at the memory yet it turned into a serious face . Determined , he built a body with mechanical skeleton , puppet strings , Synthetic skin and an orb ... it was different , it was ...


One bright morning, Peace Android Prototype 1 was done and awakened from her bed, and Dr. Gogh gave this adorable angelic creation the name Angela . She studied to understand the human and the world hoping to meet his father's expectations . She even knows how to defend herself if ever his father wanted her to fight .

it was peaceful until ...

One day , other scientists from lab 1718 knew about how dr.Gogh made a living soul outside a human body , they found it absurd and surreal . They felt that dr.Gogh betrayed them , not sharing how he created this ... puppet

"What is happening , dad? they seem to be mad and confused?" Angela tilted her head as she was carried and put inside a flight capsule

"Go to a good friend of mine . Rooney is his name , he is a brilliant master mechanist"

and she vanished with speed , flying with pressure

"ALPHA , BETA! AFTER THAT PUPPET!" a scientist said as Alpha came running and followed Angela to be stopped by none other than dr.Gogh

"Alpha , Beta stop! Don't lay a hand on her! As one of your creator I order you to stop!" dr.Gogh saw Alpha with his sibling , Beta , stoping .

Dr.Gogh knew that those two were good even if they we're titled as 'Flesh Weapons' . Both of them refused to destroy living creations , Angela included .

Few days later Beta and Alpha escaped with help of another experiment , Saber . They all escaped but Beta's core got destroyed and the only thing that Alpha can take with him is his arms , now , Beta is just a small aircraft who follows Alpha .

They went to the master mechanist Rooney and surprised to see Angela being modified by him. She looked stronger and well built than before ! She also looked a bit more human now .

Together they went to the land of dawn to venture and find their purposes in life .

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