1 Traveling to another world

I was at the peak of the continent, but fate would not leave me alone. As soon as I entered the tomb of the immortal "jingqian de" I was thrust to my inevitable fate. As I walked toward the light, I realized that I was at a place that I had never seen before.

This world, like my other, heavily relied on martial arts. Since I had already once been at the top, how could I not this time!

Soon after I realized that the techniques the people of this world used, were not like mine. I soon adapted to this new set of techniques the people here used, I felt like I was young again, having to adapt to new techniques, finally striving for something again.

6 years later:

"Finally" I said to mom before I went to the patriarch, I grinned all the way there, the reason I am excited is because. I stopped at the clan house, "I am finally getting tested for talent" I yelled.

The people around me seemed happy, seeing a six year old happy is certainly good, right?

I walked in, all the elders were watching me and the rest of the kids, until the patriarch came in and told the words that would make little tang ye the most excited he had ever been before.

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