Taming the Rouge Book

novel - Contemporary Romance

Taming the Rouge


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"When I was seven I killed three men. The first I had killed like a coward, I snuck up on him and stabbed him in the back, the other two I had killed like animals. I clawed open their chest and pulled out their ribs and organs bit by bit saving their heart for last and I enjoyed every second of it" --------------- In a world where humans, werewolves and vampires coexisted, Rouge was living a regular life...well as regular as one could as a shifter. She had a loving family and a tight-knit pack. But that all changed when a horde of rogues attacked. In a single night, she had lost all that was dear to her and was ripped from her home. Enslaved, she is forced to kill for survival in the underground trafficking ring called the “Farm” At the age of twelve, she is saved but not without lingering trauma and an unstable wolf spirit. Now as an adult, she journeys back home to her pack to take back what was hers. She comes back to claim her Birthright. To be Alpha. The plan was simple but fate had other plans in store for her. - A mate.