240 Scrutiny - Part 2

READER SHOUT OUT: Thank you, Khimberlhe, Tamashii, and Kathy_Prewitt for suggesting the names Holden, Wulfgar, and Kylan. I hope you like the way they've been used. And as for PbMamaRae, DespinaNY, and Cassie_Dawn_Sallaz… Well, you'll see. Thank you, sincerely, for ALL your support. This was the best way I knew to recognize you. Enjoy!


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Aaryn stalked up the trail and through the trees towards the training grounds, followed by his friends—all talking quietly and speculating about how this session would go.

They'd each been waiting for a chance to show their worth, to prove to the Queen that they were capable and loyal. And now, finally, that moment had arrived.

Nerves ran high..

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