To all readers out there

Hello precious readers. I have come today with a grave matter that is of utmost importance to us authors.

We poor authors who haven't hit the top trending lists have no idea whether our stories are good, or whether people are reading them at all for that matter.

With little to no feedback, this puts us in a saddened state. Will our work ever be appreciated? Should we even bother producing it?

However, there is a solution to this.

At the low, low price of FREE you can help your local author by giving them the ego boost they need to continue their story.

There is a feature called the comment section.

By commenting on the story, you can let the author know that you exist, and that their existence is not meaningless!!

But wait, there's more!

With the review section, you can let not only the author know that you are reading their story, but you can improve it's popularity by giving it a good rating, thus leading to a chain reaction of other readers who will potentially do the same!

And all this is completely FREE!!

Help your local authors. Let them know you exist. Or they may not anymore.

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