1 Chapter 1- This better be something legal!

In a freeway within one of the bustling parts of the Commercial District of Karuka, the gaming capital of Country X, a silver Bugatti Veyron drove insanely fast overtaking several cars on the same lane. It swiftly maneuvered the wheels, going through the narrow gaps in between the vehicles. Lots of people along the road yelled their protests and rants towards the careless driver who was continuously performing dangerous stunts.

Noticing the heated atmosphere from her rear-view mirror, she lowered the roof of the convertible car and flashed the crowd with an apologetic smile.


The atmosphere went silent for a few seconds until the Bugatti Veyron suddenly took a detour towards the perpendicular lane.

All that witnessed the scene took a mouthful of air!

A random motorcycle driver didn't notice the car ahead of the parallel road and crushed into it. The accident caused another accident until the supposed 'road' was littered with scraps of vehicle parts.

In another lane, going south of Karuka, the driver of the Bugatti Veyron frowned at the noisy honks and sirens from the distance. She lowered the roof of the expensive car to dismiss the clamor.

She abruptly reduced the car speed, her one hand on the gear. She continued her turtle pace until it stopped and pulled over in front of a game shop where an MMORPG poster on a glass pane was surrounded by a group of teenagers.

She touched the mechanism on the car door which lowered the tinted window giving her an opportunity to grasp some of the group's conversation.

"Is this the new game the AspireTech recently released?"

"Yeah, I played it last week, and I got my character to level 20. There's a lot of hidden quests you can trigger depending on what class you choose."

"I also heard from my classmates that game has great graphics almost life-like. There are cool avatars if you don't want a personalized character. The menus are also easy to navigate."

"Where can I buy one?"

"I ordered the game online last week because the malls and shops said that they were sold out."

"That's a bummer! Can you lend me yours?"

"You can download the demo version online. I haven't even cleared my yesterday's quest."

A faint smile appeared on her lips after hearing the wonderful reaction from the group.

She turned on the ignition, giving life to the car's engine. She tapped the screen controlling the wheels' shifting system and started to take the road.

A silver streak drawn the group's attention and couldn't help but exclaimed their excitement.

"A race car!" A boy wearing a red cap pointed her direction.

"No, that's a Bugatti Veyron! A very expensive convertible car! The nerd with black-rimmed glasses corrected his friend.

"Someone give me a punch. This must be a dream!" One of the boys pinched his cheeks. The rest imitated his actions, starting their chatters.


Meanwhile, at the Kaiji Intersection, where rows of buildings stood painted with neon lights, where white-collar workers and college students from nearby places crossed the congested pedestrians, causing the dreadful traffic.

The woman inside the carbon-coated car, tapped the steering wheels with impatience while casually her wristwatch some glances. The incredulous stares she was getting from the crowd in front and from the sides, made her uncomfortable. She regretted using this car, but considering her present situation, she had no choice.

She was in a hurry to close a major franchise deal with a global app store which could give her current game a boost in market sales. This particular deal was very rare to come by and so when she heard from her Secretary the good news, she cancelled her promoting events, immediately got in her car, and left the team to handle the rest.

She casted a glance at the phone resting on the leather cushioned on the passenger seat beside her, after the familiar ring tune played in the background. Her Secretary's name flashed on the screen causing the device to vibrate continuously. She pursed her lips and accepted the call.

"You called."

"Sir Liu didn't come because of some emergency, so his son came instead. He is in the waiting room reviewing some documents."

"Okay, I'll get there as fast as I can. By the way, what's the situation at the event? I can't contact them at the moment. Can you look into it and give me the report later on?"

"I'll look into it later. However, Morgan called, and he wants me to remind you of the scheduled business trip next week. He said that it was the least you can do after leaving him hanging. Please get as here as soon as possible."

Tapping the steering wheels with impatient, she inspected the time in her watch again and finally decided to get some help.

"Alright...Can you stall some time for me? I'm caught in the traffic." She spoke feeling helpless at the moment.

"I can only do 20 minutes, Ms. CEO. Do you want me to order someone to fetch you with the company's helicopter?" Her secretary's voice became worried. After all, the deal was also crucial in establishing important connections, more opportunities for expanding, creating more jobs, and setting higher payrolls.

"There's no need to trouble anyone. That will be enough. Give me a call if anything happens,." She added calculating the remaining distance to her company. It was approaching eight in the evening, and approximately thirty minutes ago her employees might be on their way home or attended their personal matters, which was why the reason she couldn't let Secretary to pester someone else. Although she was a workaholic person, she wasn't heartless to work her employees to death. After all, she couldn't even pay her loved once a visit since the company's opening and she was feeling guilty about it.

"Okay. Be careful and drive safe." Her secretary ended the call with concern.

"I will, thanks." She responded with a grateful smile.

The long rows of cars started to move, and she followed the rhythm as well. She was finally relief when it was her turn when the traffic light surprisingly lit red.

A vein begun to throb on her temples from the irritating bad luck, which she was doing her best to suppress. Stuck in a tight situation, the twenty minutes will probably be wasted, and so she scrolled the contacts registered on her list, choosing one. An angry female voice almost roared turning her deaf.

"What is it again? This better be something legal!"

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