Taming the Alpha Female
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Taming the Alpha Female


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What is Taming the Alpha Female

Taming the Alpha Female is a popular web novel written by the author AthenaWilliam, covering Contemporary Romance genres. It's viewed by 77.1K readers with an average rating of 4.9/5 and 42 reviews. The novel is completed and can be read all 69 chapters in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


In her late-twenties, Delilah had everything she dreamed of. She is the boss. Paving her own path to success. But in that run, she lost the desire to be loved. Her heart was broken, by the one man she was supposed to love. Now when love comes knocking on the door, she shuts it and shuts it hard. But what if this time, the guy is just head-strong like her. Even if she falls in love again, exs' are always lurking in the shadow to pounce on every opportunity given. Damon was looted by his ex-wife. A gold-digger in disguise. When he started everything from scratch, he found himself in love with one of the most bad-ass females. But only strong man can stand her. Will Damon be able to tame his Alpha female, to become his girlfriend or will he be crushed just like her ex. What if Delilah finds out he hid the biggest secret from her? About his identity. Will their love be strong enough to sail through all the problems? the story has smut scenes, platonic love, and a lot of adoration. Read and find out how they end up.

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I can tell that the author really is a great writer! This story is fantastic and I like how strong and mature Delilah is. The character and how she behave really parallel to what a person who got everything in their live will act like. About her bestfriend with a part time job as Delilah mom really make me laugh out loud, because all of us will have this one kind of friend who will act as our parent ^^ Although I just finished a few of chapters, and it might seems early or bias, but this story really good and I seems can't find any mistake > < Keep it up author, you doing really great setting up this nice story line. [img=recommend]


This is one of the very descriptive books I have ever read. it makes it worth the read. from the character development to the plot. it's so amazing.


love this. the cover for one is beautiful and it really sets the mood for the first scene. you give the protagonist so much character right away and I love that


Another lovely novel you got their author😁I'm in love with this book and to the characters already. Just reading it synopsis and other chapters excite me to scroll for more😁😁Very well done 👏👏👏


Ok I love this book i especially like the fact that it is very descriptive, I kind of gives me that Immersive feeling that everyone should have while reading I'd love for anyone who reads this to give this book a whirl you won't be able to put it down At least I know i won't


Reveal spoiler


Reveal spoiler


Amazing story Author! The synopsis was intriguing, the first five chapters are well-written and established the story very well. I love how great the author write the story. The storytelling, the narration, and description are well done and well-written plus the choices of words that it made it easy to read specially for non-English speakers like me. I also love how smooth the pacing of this book. You did a great job in writing this book Author!


The book was good the writing was good for me it needed a better plot twist but overall it was still a very good book. the story line was good


The synopsis was really intriguing and I had to read on! It was amazing, although I haven't read it full, I like where it is going! I do hope that the author keeps up the good job ! great work!


Hope this is not spoiler alert but Damon just kiss her, man! So many emotions when I ready this book. Highly recommend it! I love a strong, confident yet complex female lead. Never been to Seattle, love know what it’s like there.


well, a very good story. there are some things that made me think, "Oh, is that so?" Especially the way the hero is described by the Female Lead. An eye opener on what women look for in a man though I thought it was cliché! It was funny reading how a woman drools over a man. Well, if a man can can drool over a woman, the reverse is also true I suppose! .


Your book keeps people hooked! I love the book where female are the alpha and independent and not timid. I love how u have described the Dede's character, the storyline is keeps u hooked throughout the reading. Fantabolous work ☺️☺️☺️


I love the realistic nature of the characters and the way their emotions and ability to handle life situations is being brought out in the story


what a great book! the characters are interesting and the plot is thick with possibility. truly an enjoyable read! i love it so much! the author deserves a congratulations for a job well done


This novel is super awesome and the author's way of narration is so intriguing and attention gripping. The characters, scenes and events are all beautifully crafted. Kudos author.


The story is quite detailed, a bit slow in the beginning but interesting. The story has lots of potential. Tha main character is Certainly one of a kind.


Somehow the characters come off as really mature and that's a good sign. But I can even see the big build up coming for the story which is amazing for a book so early to have. please keep up the good work done here


I know it's still too early to have a favourite chapter but chapter one is my favourite. I was able to get into her head like the author wanted and I felt her pain. It was a bit sad for me cos it's how I feel sometimes. Anyways, great job author.


OMG! OMG!! OMG!!! 😲😲😲 I love this book! It's so great! I love the cover, I love the synopsis (even though there's a spoiler) and I love the characters, especially Delilah.


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