Taming My Vampire Servant
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Taming My Vampire Servant


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What is Taming My Vampire Servant

Read Taming My Vampire Servant novel written by the author AinaWang on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy Romance stories, covering r18, weaktostrong, vampire, werewolf, family. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


[COMPLETED] “Master, don’t let anyone serve you… except me.” Ivory Sprucemint summoned Sigmund, a stubborn and possessive Servant! Her wish is to win the Servant Competition in the academy, and become a Royal Knight, but to achieve these, she needs to make him obey her orders! But Sigmund calls Ivory by her name, he keeps on sucking her blood on any part of her body, and he does whatever he wants! How will Ivory tame her Vampire Servant and achieve her dreams? ------ A love story between a Submissive Master and Domineering Servant! WARNING: Mature/R-18 scenes included and lots of biting and bloodsucking scenes! To name a few: on the neck, on the foot, on the chest- Ooof! :)) Don't let the first few chapters fool you! XD ------ PREVIEW: “Ivory... I asked, what the hell are you thinking of.” Ivory was surprised to hear him say her name for the first time, and it made her heart beat like war drums. His deep voice sounded so sexy. She wanted to avoid his gaze because of embarrassment, but because of the way he firmly held the back of her head, she couldn’t look away. “I said it’s nothing, why are you-” Ivory was interrupted when she saw his eyes glow once again. Sigmund’s eyes glow whenever he’s serious. “Fine! Fine! I’ll tell you what’s on my mind!” “Good girl. So what is it about?” “It’s… you! I was thinking about you!” Ivory exclaimed. Her reply made her Servant calm down, so he finally let go of her head and sat up straight. She added while blushing, “I was thinking about… where you would… bite…” Pleased that he was the one occupying his Master’s mind, Sigmund smirked, “Where do you want me to bite you?” “Uhm… I… Uhh…” She stuttered, still avoiding his gaze. “In my… p… pfinger!” Sigmund chuckled as he took his Master’s hand, “As you wish, dimwit.” He licked her pointing finger, then lightly bit her with his fangs. His bite was not that deep; it was just enough to let the blood ooze. Sigmund’s tongue gently licked her bleeding finger before grazing his lips on her fingertip. He then noticed his Master staring at him which caused her to blush even more, making her pull away her hand from his. Ivory, whose heart was already beating crazy, quickly turned around, laid on the bed, and faced the wall. She was about to cover herself with the blanket, but Sigmund slid next to her and tucked themselves under the cover. “Go to your bed, Sigmund,” Ivory murmured before shutting her eyes. “You might get cold, so I’m staying next to you, weakling,” Sigmund murmured as well and almost rested his forehead on her nape. Ivory felt his breath on her skin. She thought of sleeping on the other bed, so she slowly tried to get up, but Sigmund placed his arm around her waist the moment he felt his Master moving away from him. “You’re not going anywhere.” ------ [A Webnovel Spirity Awards Spring 2021 Entry] Theme: Vampires and Werewolves ------ Story, Main Body: AinaWang Editor: iridescentdream Proofreaders: portholes_29, moonwitch89 Book Cover (commissioned): @omichiart on IG ------ Official Instagram: @ainawang.official Official Discord: https://discord.gg/HYkU3Rr Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/ainawang


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Hello everyone! I'm the editor of 'Taming My Vampire Servant' and if you're into master-servant relationship and fantasy, this one's for you. The story is also filled with various characters, wonderful places, and extraordinary relationships. I'm really excited about this story, so I hope you love it as much as we do. ♡♡♡ Thank you so much for the wonderful reviews and comments, and I hope you enjoy this magical story! ˭̡̞(◞⁎˃ᆺ˂)◞*✰ P.S. Sending us Power Stones and sharing these to your friends are very much appreciated!


Hi, I'm the Author of this book giving a shameless 5.0 rating 😂🌻 You might have known Vampires to be the "Master" in most stories, so I did a little twist. What if the Vampire is the "Servant" this time? You can read the story to find out! 😉🌻 By the way, my high school bestie is the editor (iridescentdream), so I assure you that the writing quality is very good! 😄🌼


Usually I start a recommended book and find it to be be boring, or written poorly. With this one I couldn't stop myself from reading until I ran out of chapters This book pulls you in right from the start, and like magic you can see it come alive in your imagination. Lol I wonder if Sigmund is as gorgeous and sexy as I've made him out to be 😉


Wow, really awesome. Waiting for the next updates.. I love the characters and the story plot. The writing method is cool too. It doesn’t make me stressed. The story line is addictive and insane. You nice, keep going, author


You have vampire. You have servant. -UGH- Vampire Servant. That's just the thing that came to mind. It's like PPAP all over again but seriously hotter.


Reveal spoiler


Reveal spoiler


Great work Ms Wang! I can't wait for the updates! I added your story to my library to see its progress...


Amazing story. A unique vampire story with good and vivid description of the characters. I feel the tension the author try to show. More More!


The writing style and quality exceeded my expectation. It is well written and the imagery is undoubtedly great. The characters have a unique role that stands out among others.


Aside from my muse Ash Knight, nobody made my Vampire core feel warmth huh? Lol. Right, the first chapter was a great fish hook. I did not notice that I was in the last chapter till I saw the reviews at the end of it. Truly captivating. I love it. Keep writing author!!!


Omo writer, you wrote so well. I am envious of you. The synopsis os too intriguing. I love the cover too. The description is lit. This book is gonna be a masterpiece since crafted by you😉.I wish writer best of luck in advance. Xoxo


Ayeeee yes me like dis! :D Amazing story hohohohoho and I love the characters and how they interact as well! :D Great workkk authorrr <3 [img=recommend]


The author is amazing for making me blush on the first chapter, it reminded me of my own Sigmund. The words, settings and the characters flowed perfectly, this book is great! Too great to read : )))


This is a little twist as the vampire becomes the servant but, it is interesting and Ivory is interesting. The first chapter scared me but in a good way because I am a masochist for scary books. I personally love the twist in it and can for sure say that they are going to be hilarious moments between Ivory and her servant. This is the third vampire book in my library so I'm going to keep waiting for updates. Author, I wish you success in WSA contest. My blessings are with you.


A very good interesting story! Loved Ivory 😍❤️ The beginning is captivating and hooking. Looking forward to the plot development! Writing style is to the point and I didn't find any grammar issues. Loved the narration too 💖💕 Great work Author! Keep it up 👌👍


This is very interesting story!! The characters, the descriptions of the scenes, and the flow of the story, and the cliffhangers already got me hooked! It's only the beginning, but I hope the momentum will be maintained as the story goes on. The author knows her craft very well. and the editor executed the lines as smooth AF. Great job and best of wishes to the both of you!! Patiently waiting for Chapter 4!!


while writing this review.. i've only read the first chapter but the story had already hooked me up and wud want to read more. the author is really good at portraying the characters properly.. great job author


There's nothing much I can say, but this is an easy five stars! Firstly, I love the plot idea; it is captivating toward those readers that adore fantasy like me. The writing is excellent, the paragraphs are easy to read, and every word fits perfectly. I'm honestly so interested that I could keep reading all day without getting bored. A fantastic job to the author and editor! This book will reach far greater heights.


What can I say ? This book is flawless !!! I mean I'm not kidding. I'm not very fond of vampire books but this exceeds my expectations ! The plot and way of writing are detailed and consistent . You better read this one !


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