Taming a Spiritual God Fox Book

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Taming a Spiritual God Fox


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A fox, she was a spiritual fox, it was a a shock which came after I was reincarnated into this world when I thought I had saved a little guy and died with it, I realised that I was reincarnated in the world of Gods and demons. When I say world of God and Demon it was not something like cultivation world or whatever but it was like ok a regular modern world for him but when he heard name around him were mixed culture where some were from India, Japanese, Chinese and even Americans, I was really shocked about it to begin with but in this world people were able to enter a specific area called Other World. While the second thing which was most astonishing was that there were demons and even Gods residing with them, when I was terrified but I was going to do in this world a hope or a ray called System called me out... [Shut Up Idiot, I didn't asked for your help anyway after all I am an entity which cannot die.] Damn Fucking bastard why are you crying cursing me at a time like this, I even created such a good atmosphere for this Synopsis. So this what's the new life for Hirashi who started his journey in this world.


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