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Tamed demons


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Tobio Shu and his new rival, Levi Starsbourg, are sent to the human after a huge battle. Little do they know that they accidentally brought other people with them. For a few weeks, they have ONE mission: Go back to where they belong so, hell. But they still do decide to live a 'human life' while tying to accomplish that mission. They live their own life separated from each other but they still end up enrolling to the same College which will lead to many...difficulties. One day, they meet Nyx Meraki. A small young adult that is extremely shy. She changes them both for the best and for the worse but the demons they dragged along with them aren't okay with such change and the rejection of an important opportunity so they join forces and go against Tobio and Levi. The goal: To eliminate Nyx. Will Tobio and Levi ever make it back to hell? Are they going to bring such a gentle soul with them if they do or are they going to stay? Will they be able to protect her? Are they going to team up for her sake? Why are they both doing all of this? ... Is this all a side effect of what humans call 'love'?

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