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Tame a Monster


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"The only thing to stop the bond from getting stronger is doing significant damage to it.” “What kind of damage?” “I think you know exactly what kind of damage Keenan, the worst and most unimaginable things you can think of? Do it. If the damage is bad enough, it could even kill the bond. The more you starve and neglect this bond, the more it will wither and hopefully... die. But you can’t half-ass it, Keenan, you have to be committed.” And I WOULD be. ----------------- I once wrote a story, a brutal story About a human girl who was destined for the alpha beast Only he could not find her worthy So he threw her to his wolves to feast He'd taken everything from her Her laugh, her love, her peace He didn't know That the bond was not meant for release Your mate is a most treasured gift from the moon and like an arrogant child From the goddess's fury, he thought he was immune He'd have to see her As she rose from the ground And finally, she grasped, that to him she was not bound She had choices A chance to claim the life that was stolen Now by his hand She could no longer be broken All while she finds solace in the arms of his enemy, once his friend He'd live life longing for her Yearning for the future that could've been But the moon's wrath he should've heeded For with this karma He realized he was never needed (This story may not be suitable for all ages)