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I am Lin Yi Yang, I am a scientist who researches the cure for various diseases. I am a successful man, I have my parents alive, a wife who loves me and a daughter who started going to school. It took a while for my research lab found a miracle cure for various diseases, from cancer to colds and common fevers.

Happiness broke me by then and has just begun to come into use. Full of pride I was already when it was approved by the world government, so I can not imagine how excited I am after it is in use.

When I arrived at the work countless people went to my office to congratulate me for my success, even my uncle who was in bad health came to congratulate me saying something like "After all you are not as useless as I thought."

As I say goodbye to everyone I meet with the researchers from my lab.

"So, our Bill Gates with all this success, should not we celebrate a little?"

"Milly, do not you see that he's already got ideas to stick in the lab to observe/research his treasure"

Milly is an assistant researcher who is always looking for loopholes to amuse, she is a 25-year-old girl with blue eyes and golden hair, a young woman with beauty at her peak (she is a pain in a research lab, not in the self Am I a married man of what I'm thinking?).

Robert the one who commented now is another researcher who graduated from the same university as Milly and who has been watching her for years, he is a very hard worker who seems like Milly does not like people younger than her (lack of chemistry maybe).

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"Working a lot is bad too, so based on our recent success, let's celebrate a little, I know a good restaurant, Today will be all on my own."

And so 6 months passed..

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