1 Chapter no. 1 Heart Demon Soul Contract

" My Head !"

This was the first feeling Lin Lingtian had after regaining consciousness . It was as if his head had been kicked by a Donkey , and it hurt so much that it seemed to have deformed .

He struggled to open his eyes , only to see he was in a darkness .

He could feel the throbbing pain on his head as he grimaced in pain .

Enduring the pain , he opened his eyes and observed his surroundings .

It was an alleyway and from the colour of the sky it was evening time .

The smell of damp mold , mud and the cold wet floor made it uncomfortable but he tried to remember what had happened ?

He didn't drink Alcohol daily only on special occasions and he didn't quite remember if he was in a party or something so why was he waking up feeling like he had a massive hangover ?

Then he felt a sharp pain in his mind .

It was as if his intracranial pressure bad suddenly increased . Accompanied by a pain that felt like his brain was about to explode , many unfamiliar memories of someone's life flashed through his mind like a movie .

Lin Lingtian's Legs gave way , his eyes rolled back and he fainted again .




( Lin Lingtian's Memories )

My name is Lin Lingtian but everyone called me , " Xiao ( little ) Lin ."

I was an orphan .

Well , nothing special actually , in Glory City due to the demon beasts attacking many children often got orphaned as their parents would be killed in the battle of humanity against Demon Beasts .

The Matron of the Orphanage would often tell us that Glory City is the last place where humanity has survived against the Demon beasts .

Unlike other orphans I was born with a slightly stronger physic and often helped around the Orphanage .

At 3 years old I was adopted by the Sacred Family but when it was shown that I had a red soul realm , I was given the position of servant .

For ten years , I was mocked and ridiculed by all . My fellow servants , members of the sacred family , everyone . The other servants that also had a red soul realm either died due to the abuse of the members or committed suicide to just get away from the pain that this hell has brought us .

But I was scared of death that I will only be a grain of sand in the vast ocean that is the Universe , that my life amounted to nothing , so I persevered , when mocked I didn't say anything , when I was hit I didn't do anything , I patiently saved as much money as i could to buy myself out of servitude and then join the Holy Orchid to make something out of myself .

I took on extra jobs like in the library , horse stables , bathroom cleaning e. t. c.

I patiently waited and trained daily at the dead of night till my muscles had enough .

After 10 years I got the money to buy myself out of servitude and had a fighters rank of 2 star bronze rank .

When I presented the money to the elder that was in charge of the Sacred Family , Elder Shen Ming , he was angered by my plea to leave the Sacred Family

" How are dare you ? A mere servant who has been eating and sleeping under my roof think you are unworthy of my family , You are courting death ."

And in a swift motion of his hand , soul force was injected in my dantian as I felt my soul realm break .

I was kicked out of the Sacred Family and now in an alley I remained slumped .

Nothing but hatred and resentment as all the anger I had in my heart for the last ten years broke out .

Just before darkness took me , all I could do was shouted at the heavens for it's unfairness , why it was fair that he had to suffer such a fate , why couldn't the sacred family suffer ?





In a daze , Lin Lingtian opened his eyes slowly .

Did I .... transmigrate ?

The he remembered he was playing Skyrim and smoke was coming out of the gaming capsule .

As he tried to escape , a dizziness and a darkness filled his eyes and head .

Sigh, looks like he had died due to carbon dioxide poisoning .

Lin Lingtian's with his memories had a basic understanding of this world .

The owner of this body was something else , ten years of ridicule and abuse was patiently endured by him .

Lin Lingtian continued to stare at the night sky as his mind went on to a thought he had ,' hahahaha I have transmigrated so I must have a Golden Finger .'

Lin Lingtian had said this to calm his heart and to lighten his mood .

" Status " said Lin Lingtian with an amused smile and much to his surprise , a virtual translucent blue screen appeared before his eyes .

[ Name : Lin Lingtian ]

[ Age : 13 ]

[ Race : Human ]

[ Spiritualist Rank : White Mortal ]

[ Fighter Rank : 2 Star Bronze Rank ]

[ Health : 70/200 ]

[ Stamina : 92/160 ]

[ Strength : 2 ]

[ Speed : 2 ]

[ Soul Realm : Orange Soul Realm ]

[ Soul Attribute : Attributeless ]

[ Soul Form : Yin Wooden Lotus ]

[ Law : ------- ]

[ Soul Force : 59 ]

[ Cultivation technique : ------- ]

[ Skill : Appraisal level 1 ]

[ Positive Status : None ]

[ Negative Status : Heart Demon Soul Contract , Intermediate Injury , Hunger ].

[ Heart Demon Soul Contract : Binds a soul to the body which had formed a Heart Demon out of Resentment and Hatred , Causes Soul to be bind to corpse and due to the resentment and hatred if the owner , the new soul must fulfill the wishes of the previous owner .

(•) Destroy the Sacred Family

(•) Court the one in Lin's heart

Duration : ??? ]

[ Intermediate Injury : All attributes reduced by 20% , Duration : 72 hours ] (+ - )

[ Hunger : Reduces Stamina per hour ] (+ - )

No way , he actually had a system .

Lin pushed the plus button at the back of

[ Intermediate Injury ] and saw that the duration increase .

Now he had a rough understand of what his system could do . He could change the duration a status condition .

Pushing the minus button , the status [ Intermediate Injury ] was gone .

Although he didn't recover his lost health , he could feel his body relax . He could move freely and no longer feel restricted by his injuries.

Looking at the broken pieces of mirror beside him , he saw a 13 year old face , with dirty blonde hair bordering platinum , greenish blue gem like eyes . Overall he looked quite handsome actually and the bruises he had were gone .

( A.N : This is Lin Lingtian )

He looked at the negative Status [ Heart Demon Soul Contract ] .

After reading it , one thing could be concluded this status had to remain , his soul was bound to the corpse of Lin Lingtian and he didn't know what would happen if he messed with this status and decided it best he leave it alone even if he had to become enemies with the sacred family due to this status but he isn't going to antagonize them with this pitiful level of strength , when he gets strong enough then he will complete the wishes of the previous owner of this body but the second part left him confused , " Who was Lin's Love ? "


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