1 Another World?


Planet Earth;



The sky was dark in city X, while mortals made their way to work or school, a young man especially climbs a small mountain that had out of town.

It turns out that he heard rumors of various fading hunters, as well as bestial noises and space constantly twisting, it was like someone very curious, set out on a journey from one day to the mountain, he had caught a bus on your street and arrived in a few hours on one of the streets near the mountain .

He was just carrying the basics, a backpack with six bottles of water, cereal bars, canned food, winter clothes, an army knife, and a camera. Alan's thought was that he would find a beast, take several photos and then become rich and famous with these photos ...

As he climbed the mountain that was small in size, but rather steep, he constantly complained about his physical conditioning.

"Damn it ... if I knew I would climb it one day ... I would have trained my physique."

Alan said with difficulty as he breathed heavily. He was not really bad at physical, he only had one or two fats on the side, but could be considered lean.

Alan then decided to sit down and rest for a while. As he opened a bar of cereal, he heard a very low whisper.


Alan looked around confused, but thinking it was his head, he tasted again from a bad cereal bar.

Come on ... '' '

Alan got up, he was sure he heard a whisper calling him, only this time, he was taller and discernible. A little scared, he looked everywhere, but he was alone.

'Maybe it's something in my head?'

Alan asked in his thoughts, praying that this was it.

As he sat, he began to think about his life. Alan was a very creative and dreamy young man, he never had many friends, just the essentials. He had no parents, and grew up as an orphan, except that the orphanage in which he lived broke, he was then sent away.

Life was a very cruel thing, in case you have no money, connections or fame, you would be just another random person walking on the street, working every day to buy bread, or studying to have a decent future. Alan, honestly, found it all very annoying, he then always dreamed that he was in other fantasy worlds, there, he would get a lot of money, would occupy the top of the world, have the most beautiful lovers ...

'A foolish thought ... Of a young fool, heh.'

Alan thought to mock his own stupidity. He was not even on top of this little world that was considered weak, imagine being on top of the world where deaths are common, and beasts are everywhere?



An hour later, Alan was almost at the top of the mountain, and from the place where he was, he heard strange hisses and noises, as if someone had cut up pieces of paper.

He then continued on his long walk, the trees around him were thickening and the ground looked very wet and slippery, this was strange since it had not rained recently.


When Alan finally reached the top, he noticed that several parts of space were shaking constantly, along with sounds that looked like beasts.

* Groowwwnnn *

Shocked, he looked to the side and saw that a black slit appeared in front of him, she was oval and was 3 meters tall, it materialized a very strange feeling as if it were a beast waiting to devour its prey.

At that moment, Alan was very confused, curious and a little afraid, but still, he stretched his right hand to the hole.

Ninety centimeters ...

Sixty centimeters

Thirty centimeters

Ten centimeters ...

When his hand was very close to the hole, he felt a strong suction that pulled him straight into the hole and, without reaction time, he could not do anything but be pulled.




Vila Draco;

House of the head of the village;

Lying on a bed was a young man with dark hair, he had a lot of blood and bruises all over his body. It turns out, six days ago, a rumor spread through the village, and it said that a hungry beast and human side was in the mountains, near the village where Alan Draco, heir and son of the village chief, lived. As Alan Draco was a very curious person and had a very strong talent in the sword, he went after the creature, not only to fight, but also to eliminate a future threat to the villagers.

At first, he found nothing but traces and blood on the floor. But as he advanced and came near the top of the Abdu mountain as it was called, he found a cave and inside it, strange noises were coming ... He then advanced into the cave, until he met a tall, strong man strangely, he had red eyes, a very pretty appearance, and a pale skin, already in the man's right hand, he held what appeared to be an arm and was chewing him.

Turning on all the points, Alan realized that this was the freak. After a fight that lasted many hours, Alan was tired, however, the freak was not tired, Alan even thought that the same was only playing with him.

The aberration seeing that it was no longer graceful, dropped very quickly on Alan's neck and sucked much of his life force, and as he spent a few days before being found by other hunters from a neighboring village, he still persisted for three or four days, but unfortunately, he died in his bed.

As his father looked at him with a desolate expression, Alan Draco's eyes, which were still, opened ...


<Starting Scan ...>

<Old Soul: Alan Draco>

<New Soul: Alan ***>

<Making a fusion of souls>

<Process 1% complete ...>

<Process 5% ...>

<Process 18% ...>

<Pro ...>

<100% complete process>

<Fusion of the soul made successfully!>

<Displaying User Information>


~ Name: Alan Draco (Alan)

~ Title:

~ Race: 96% Human / / 4% Vampire

~ Status: Sick. User is turning into a creature of the night.


~ Strength: 4 (-10)

~ Mana: 14 (-5)

~ Spirit: 13 (-20)


[Talents] - [Skills] - [Inventory]


Looking at the information in front of him, Alan was very confused. He swore that a moment ago he was at the top of the mountain, in city X.

As random thoughts passed in his mind, he felt a deep headache, as well as various information that he once thought strange and fanciful entered his brain.

The Mortal Kingdom ... The Heaven Kingdom ... The Hell Kingdom ... Magic ... Swords ... Medieval ... Wars ... Armies ... Beasts ... Empires ... Cities ...

It turns out that he transmigrated to the body of a young man, who was also named Alan. He was in a world called Azera and was divided into three kingdoms: The Mortal Kingdom, Heavenly Kingdom, and the Infernal Kingdom. In this world, magic was also a very common thing, just like swords. His year was probably medieval. Wars took place in all places and times and usually involved armies of warriors, magicians, demons and even angels. Beasts were also everywhere, whether in the forest or in empires.

Discerning all the information, he noticed that a strong man looked at him with a shocked expression, the man then hugged him and shouted just like a girl, he spoke things like a miracle of the gods.

Alan then coughed up some blood and fainted.



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