Tales of a Great SageTales of a Great Sage

Tales of a Great Sage


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Elliot was a true genius. By age 10 he was in a dual credit course taking both high school and college classes. The one day, he and the remaining students who were in his class at the time got summoned to another world. But only 4 could fit in the summoning circle, and thee were 16 summoned. Thus before they were summoned, a being interfered and spoke to them with a simple message. "... four of you will become this worlds heroes, the remainder, as much as I wish to, I can not send you back to your old world, thus you will be reincarnated into this world with your memories intact." Thus begins the tale of a boy whose fate even the gods cannot foretell. [The cover is not mine although I did edit it for my purposes. A large part of Vol 1. will be world-building.]

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