Tales of a Dragonpath Book

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Tales of a Dragonpath


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Decades ago, a fierce battle drenched the plains of beautiful Earlindon with blood in the fight against the last three dragons in the land. Leading the armies that opposed the mighty beasts was the head of the Caydranth house - one of the most powerful mages of the age. The dragons, sensing their inescapable demise, gave up their remaining strength to transfer it to three human families, three lineages meant to carry it through generations in hope that the prophecy of Sariarin the Black Dragon will never come true. Now, after long years of peace, the magic left behind by the Last Dragons begins to stir, sensing danger beginning to close around Earlindon like thickening mist. The young prince, soon to become an adult, begins to notice strange things happening around him. But why him, when his lineage was not one of those chosen by the dragons...?


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