Nothing goes inside Travia's head at school these days. Before she used to behave girly and kinda matronly but now! She doesn't even dress good . She often roams around with messy hair , baths twice a week and never thinks about a deodorant. Her body was getting pallid day by day. She seemed to be the only person who enjoys her own company while the others were celebrating their primary school graduation . She is going to turn twelve in a week and doesn't seem to care about it. It was not that Travia that people have been watching since years.

She had changed the morning she woke up a week ago. She started preferring oversized T-shirts and pantaloons which would cover her from head to toes ,she often wore gloves . Everyone lost the track of how glamourous her skin used to be. Now instead of cleanliness she prefers a messy room with all her habiliments scattered around and slept less than five hours a day . She was nothing more than a pile of bones.

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Noticing all this bizarre behavior of hers everyone was sure about one thing , 'She was hiding something from them.'

Her friends did not just play the role of an audience and watched her suffer, many a times they approached her and tried to console her but she always got rid of them by using her own methods that were - acting disgraceful and screaming at anyone who seemed to have come inside her horizon kinda boundary. Soon the other kids stopped recognizing her and she became alienated . She is did not give a shit about it as it was expected , oddly she seemed to be happy.

"TRAVIA GRAVEA " - it was always the hot topic to discuss about, during recess and while stuffing lunch in the cafeteria and whenever teachers give up telling the kids to stop chatting . It is known that sizzling hot recent gossip over takes the older ones , and interests change day by day according to what we call trend /vogue. So as new trends and new gossip approached , everyone stopped gossiping about Travia . Now , If anyone asks ," What's up with that girl Travia?". They simply cut it off by saying," Its because she is sleep deprived , she is a hawk!"

She wasn't that witty Travia, who was an epitome of mirth even though she didn't have a family anymore.


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