Aunt Angella was the one who bought Travia home from the orphanage when she was five . She adored her as if she were her own daughter and treated her same as her twin sons Jack and James who were a year older than her .Aunt Angella as well as uncle Lupin always craved for a daughter and that was the reason they bought Travia home.

Every year on her birthday Travia got about ten hand made presents .She strictly believed that anything bought easily from an outlet, made up of someone else's effort cannot win anyone's heart. She was bought home and accepted without any money.

She would never forget that.

This year Travia was about get double the presents she got last year. As her family members were really concerned about her bizarre behavior. It was as if she was undergoing a psychic trauma. They really wanted to cheer her up. James and Jack were thinking to make some greeting cards, aunt Angella was planning to sew five magnificent gowns which Travia always asked for and uncle Lupin was saving up all his money so that he could give Travia an awe-inspiring birthday bash.

Emotional isn't it ? well... , the emotional part has come to an end . Its time to get to the automatic goosebumps raising part.

The day had arrived at last. It was 14th of September, Travia's Birthday ! ! ! ! !

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Her bedroom door was ajar, from where her aunt, uncle and her brothers were peeping in. Every body was waiting for her to get up from that nasty bed of hers and appreciate their creation.

She woke up at sharp 7:01 AM , seized her school bag which was a feet far . Took out a bottle from it which was probably lying inside it since a week , to everyone's fear She gurgled with the water (probably stagnated) and drank it. Now everyone understood how she got ready for school.

They thought it would depress her more if they would interrogate her . So, surprising her first seemed best .

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