Aunt Angella walked out of Travia's room letting out a huge sigh. She couldn't believe a day would really come when she had to bring a Phycologist home for Tracy. She figured out the fortune teller whom she called a fraud was probably right. She predicted that aunt Angella is going to experience unreal things this year by winter solstice. Aunt Angella didn't even know what winter solstice was which was probably one of the reasons she thought the fortune teller was spitting out crap.

She saw Jack and James huddling around the strawberry cake like dogs waiting for their food. A severe migraine hit her few minutes back due to seeing countless ungraceful moments in a span of few hours.

She joined Jack and James who started nibbling on the cake without her permission. Since she had no energy to nag at them. She leaned against the wall and tried to catch a power nap.

Doctor Jeremy's soft voice woke aunt Angella from her sleep. He was already speaking to Jack and James.

"....Uh- umm I guess your sister will feel more comfortable if she is around you guys . She refuses to listen to me right now. Close the door after you guys come in."

"Okay " - The twin brothers replied in unison as they walked towards Travia's room hurriedly while wiping their hands to their Trousers.

Aunt Angella knew it was a very childish thing to do but she couldn't help leaning against the pink door of Travia's room to eavesdrop what they were speaking. Multiple thoughts crowded her brain.

...Dr. Jeremy was talking something about being comfortable, why would he call the twins instead of me, All they do is fight.

...Maybe he was being considerate as I was trying to catch some sleep

...Is he troubling Travia? Why wouldn't she listen to him?

...Should I walk in and talk to them?

...I guess he wants me to trust him and give them privacy for Tracy to convey her honest feelings.

When aunt Angella was immersed in these thoughts Jack kicked the door for the second time today which made aunt Angella fall backwards and put Dr. Jeremy in a weird position. As usual, he flashed a bright smile and made an ok hand gesture to let her know everything was going smoothly or at least what he wanted her to know.

Jack and James kept on tugging at aunt Angela's gown asking for more cake. she walked towards the table muttering," Shameless morons! "

"What happened ? Why wasn't Travia listening to Dr Jeremy?"

"She went back under her bed , that was the reason he called us" ,said James

" yesh mm- he banted us to ull aer outt", added Jack with his mouth full of cake. Aunt Angella's hand was inches from smacking Jack's bowl head when she thought there was a terrorist attack.


Aunt Angella thought her soul was out of her body. She gathered courage to look towards Tracy's room but she was blinded by pearl white light. She waited for the light to fade away but it didn't.

Aunt Angella mumbled in a low voice," You guys stay here" .She couldn't stand back anymore! She walked briskly towards Travia's room thinking that she was ready to face any circumstance that laid ahead ,truly she wasn't that sure.

The pearl white light blinded forbade her from understanding what the Shnookerdookies was going on but it didn't stop her from finding out there was something solid in front of her. Finally the light cleared and gave its way to her vision but aunt Angella could trade her vision for eternity than seeing what was in front of her eyes.

There stood Travia. Her eyes were as wide as owl's and body was stiff as Iron. Cold sweats covered her forehead. The scene caused the same to aunt Angella.

The psychologist who was supposed to treat Travia was trapped inside a block of ice.


There was no proof that Travia was responsible for what she was witnessing right now. She tried so hard not to believe what was going on in her mind. Reality hit her. She did not scream or shout instead she walked towards Travia , covered her with the woolen shawl that she was wearing. Her eyes met Travia's .She knew Travia didn't mean it and Travia was as shocked of the effects as she was.

"Tracy , did you touch him?"

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"No "

"Then why were you pointing your index finger at him?"

" I didn't mean to , I-I"

"you didn't mean it?"

Travia shook her head, her eyes filled with tears. She felt blessed to have a person to lean on when she felt world was breaking down. Aunt Angella found herself lying worst than a toddler.

"You think there is anyway you can help Dr. Jeremy, I'm sure he will forgive you when he knows you didn't mean it."

Travia gently crawled towards where Dr. Jeremy froze. His face was more than enough to make any kid her age to laugh their guts out but she couldn't because she was the one who caused this mess. Though this thought couldn't occur to the mind of someone who recklessly froze a psychologist because she couldn't manage her emotions-

....Would aunt Angella and uncle Lupin dig a hole in the backyard and bury Dr. Jeremy without anyone knowing, if he is dead Right now.

She shaked her head free of thoughts and glanced at aunt Angella before she proceeded with what she reckoned might save Dr. Jeremy. Aunt Angella looked so desperate and serious Travia figured out there might be a chance she might bury him without anyone finding out Travia's crime.

All of these thoughts didn't didn't disturb the fact that Travia felt apologetic. Though she felt Dr . Jeremy was one of those scam doctors. She doubted if he even had a real degree but that did not give her any rights to hurt him.

She took a deep breath and made an effort to touch the Ice with her index finger. Fear was distinctly shown on her face. Her finger barely touched the ice before it converted into water and Dr. Jeremy plummeted on the wet floor. It was such a ruckus few minutes ago its still a ruckus now, she didn't notice Jack and James witnessed the whole scene and they were standing still out of her room. She couldn't sort words to explain them , she didn't have energy to do so.

" We called dad ,he is on his way"- This was the most mature thing that her brothers did until date.