Aunt Angella was busy trying to control her temper. She couldn't stand her beloved daughter acting nasty. They decided to surprise Travia before aunt Angella sees what other things Travia does in her room before she leaves to school. Jack kicked the door wide open and the others started to sing the birthday song in their own personalized melody . Uncle Lupin sounded as if he was rapping and James sounded as if he was reading the lines of an aesthetic poem.

Since Travia's birthday is celebrated every year in the Alder family, they knew exactly what she would do when they threw her a birthday party. She would start doing her happy dance ( which the twin brothers describe as a ungracefully stupid dance that involves aggressive wriggling of hands and legs).

The brothers were ready to close their eyes because they wouldn't want to cringe hard like they did last year after seeing her happy dance , they expected a more aggressive - more wriggly dance this year. They legit threw her a surprise party with twice the gifts she got last year, even a moron would be able to guess that. Something unexpected happened ! She stared at them in horror instead.

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Aunt Angella thought there was 21.8% of a chance she would have a grave look on her face , they were not good at singing after all but she couldn't decipher why Travia started panicking while stacking her body with numerous sweaters , gloves, and what not . She soon looked like a modern mummy. Aunt Angella thought it was the best to overlook this action of hers as well . She grabbed her by the hand and bought her outside so that she could have a good view of all the presents they have prepared for her but Travia's petrified expression did not change . Aunt Angella finally broke the ice and asked ," Tracy don't you like the presents ? Its your favorite strawberry cake that I have prepared". Travia replied stammering " umm nn-no they are ash-astonishing. Th- thank you".

Uncle Lupin who was quiet the whole time managed to force a subtle smile ," We are very glad you liked the gifts , I've got some urgent work I should get back to so don't mind me and go ahead having your meal with your aunt and your brothers". Saying so uncle Lupin paced outside the room, aunt Angella tried to follow uncle Lupin's long legged pace muttering ," Its Sunday though ".

James kept storming in and out of Travia's room nagging," You ungrateful little brat! you could have at least put some effort acting as if you were happy if you wanted to overlook our week -long efforts, Mom slept less than five hours every single day last week to stich those damn princess like gowns that you like. HOPE YOU ARE HAPPY NOW. " and he finally left while Jack kept staring at Travia while supporting his back to one of the pink walls of her room.

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