6 Chapter 5: 4 days ago...

    It has been 3 days since.. since Mrs. Blakeer passed away. I've been excused from school.. once again.. and this is what happened

                                 4 Days Ago

    "No. No you have to have it wrong. Do you have an antidote or anything?! There has to be something that you can do to save her! There has to be something where she can keep fighting."

     I looked at them and hot tears started to pour down my face. The doctors all looked at each other. I know they remembered me. Because my dad was here and he had been a hard patient for them..

     "Listen ma'am we called in everyone we-"

     "But did you really?! Did you call everyone you could to save her! Because apparently you didn't! Since she is dying!"

     "Yes. We did. I'm sorry but we can't do anything else."

      I grabbed the main doctors arm and looked at him straight in the eye.

     "Tell me in my face. Look me straight in the eye and tell me that you did everything you could."

     He looked in my eye and said the words that I wanted to hear but right before he finished the sentence he looked away, that is how I knew he was lying, but I let go. I started crying again. Slowly I turned my head towards Mrs.Blakeer. An I.V was going through her arms, and they had put a tube in her chest so it would be easier for her to breath. My feet shifted and I slowly took a few steps towards her. My legs started to shake. I took the seat that was next to her. I lightly touched her hand. Then I held it.

     *cough cough*

     I looked at Mrs. Blakeer and her eyes opened. They were puffed up red but she still managed to give out a small smile.

     "Oh.. I'm so sorry that you have to see me like this. My dear why are you crying?"

     " M-Mrs.Blakeer.."

      Then her husband came in. He also had still been crying. Slowly he took his way towards her other hand. I took this was my cue to leave. I started to walk out of the room when Mrs. Blakeer called out to me,

     "My dear where are you going?.."

Choking back in tears I told her,

     "I feel that you and Mr. Blakeer need some time alone. I will come back tomorrow okay?"

     " Okay. That sounds good thank you.."

    "Stay strong for me Mrs. Blakeer."

     She let out another weak smile and gave a slight nod.  I walked out...

                                 3 Days Ago

      It was Sunday. I couldn't help but not want to go see her. What if she already passed away and I wasn't there for her. The last thing I would remember is walking out on her. I couldn't bare it, but I knew if I didn't go and she could still be alive, I wouldn't be able to live with myself because I told her I was going to come back, so I made up my mind. I grabbed the keys and headed to the car. 

       My mom had walked into the hospital with my sister when visting hours were over so they had to go today too, but I could tell my mom wasn't sure about going. As much as she loved Mrs. Blakeer she had still hurt from the death of my father. And with Mrs.Blakeers death. I don't know if she can do it.  So I just went by myself.

      I arrived at the hospital and I was sitting in my car... My hands slam against the steering wheel. My breath starts to increase. What if she is dead when I get in there, and I am the first person to tell. What if she dies right before I get into her room and I see her being carried away.. all these what if's..

I lifted my head from the steering wheel and took in a deep breath. I need to do it though. I turn off the car and take a small step out of the car.

Here we go...


I walked into the room where she was in. Her skin had coated into a snow pale color. It looked like someone drizzled some flour over her.. I lightly touched her skin, I could feel the bone.. the veins.. I could feel it all through her skin. My eyes shifted towards the Monitor and I saw that her heart was beating uncomfortably slow. A cough came from her and I looked back at her. She opened her eyes as much as she could..

"Oh my dear.. sorry you had to come see me when I'm in a stage like- *cough cough* this.."

" Please don't apologize. I told you that I would be back so here I am."

A weak smile formed on her face.. She grabbed my hand and looked me in the eye.

" listen, I know that I'm about to leave this world, but please don't cry for me. Don't grieve my death but instead be happy that I am in a place where I am finally peaceful and out of pain. Please tell this to my husband too, because I'm scared that he's going to come a minute too late. I can feel my body shutting down, I can feel my body temperature rising and going lower and then shooting back up again.. trust me it's not the most comfortable feeling."

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She took a deep breath and her monitor started to beat faster.

" I am going to be okay after this. And you go live your dream okay? Don't forget that me and your father with always be right here.."

She put her hand where my heart would be..

"And anytime you need guidance we will always be here okay? I will watch over you and I will tell your father what a great girl you are.."

"Mrs. Blakeer please don't say this. Please fight for me. Please try to beat this. If they transfer enough of your blood."

She shook her hand.

"It wouldn't work. Trust me I did my research. Live for me okay honey?.."

And as she said that her eyes rolled back. I felt her body to limp. My first instinct was the wake her up. I tried to get her heart going again.

"HELP SOMEONE PLEASE. Please Mrs. Blakeer don't leave me. Don't leave me. DON'T LEAVE ME."

I couldn't help but the scream those words. My head started to fizzle up and I couldn't think straight. I ran to find a doctor, but they already started to come in. I ran next to her but someone grabbed my arm.

"LET ME GO! I need to be by her side PLEASE!"

But they kept pulling me. I tried to push them off the run back. Finally I bite them and they let go and quickly I ran back to her room. But I froze at the door..

"Death time.. 10:37.."

My body dropped, my heart sank. I feel to the floor. The ground was being covered with my tears.


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